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Monday, 10 September 2018

Monday Mode - More Than A Beach Dress

Hi my lovelies, how are you today?
Well, I hope, and enjoying these days of September for all that they offer, no matter where you are.
How am I?  I'm a tad traumatised.  I broke a tooth on Friday, late afternoon when there was no chance of getting it looked at till Monday.  Monday arrives and I was so lucky to be able to see my dentist at 9.30am and he managed to patch it up.   But it is just that, a patch up, and there's a bigger job and a bigger bill ahead. TP says it's something we oldies just have to expect at our age - old teeth break.  Depressing, eh?

So let's find some reasons to be cheerful.
Well here's reason Number 1.

My beach dress, 2nd Loved.

Other bloggers are diving into autumn, but 
I'm clinging on to summer in my beach dress.
I just love this dress and it's really been working its little socks off this summer with all the gorgeous sunny days we've had.

All too late, now when I look at these photos, am I seeing the opportunities this dress offers other than just throwing it over a swimsuit and slipping my feet into flip flops.
You see, for 15 years I've tunnel visioned it as something for the beach only and as such, I've not really taken pics of it so I've not truly looked at it.

Only now, because I snapped it for the blog, do I see its many colours for accessorising and only now can I see that with the right accessories it's so much more than just a beach dress.
And I see this baby going in many directions.

 Do you have a colourful dress you can study, pulling out colours to accessorise with?  Creating new outfits, creating new scope for your dress?
Take some photos and find out what your
dress can really do for you!

Here's what I'm seeing from this little beach dress, just by shopping from my wardrobe:

1. Red espadrilles and necklace
2. Coral cardi with espadrilles
3. Orange cardi or green cardi, metallic sandals
4. Turquoise embellished cardi and necklace, pewter sandals
5. A blue scarf as shrug or kaftan
6. White denim jacket and pumps (sneakers).

If we have the weather, I'll try a few of those combos and post them.
 If not, then oh well, let's squirrel those ideas and have lots of fun with this little dress next summer.

Because now I know that this little dress is ...

More than a beach dress,
More than a beach dress to me!

A la perchoine.


  1. Love love love love love it. I would say it is the perfect dress. Beautiful, colorful, slenderizing, flattering, and able to be accessorized in a thousand ways. Again, just proves my point..take pictures!

    1. Aww Susan, you are too kind! But you are so right about the pics, this is an old dress that's never been photographed, then when I do, POW!!, I see its possibilities! Your point, proved. Hugs dearie, x.

  2. Bless your heart sweet friend, I am sorry to hear about the tooth and even more sorry to hear about the bigger bill later, ugh, what a pain (pun totally intended). I am so happy you ended your tunnel vision with this beauty AND I love all of the ways you are scheming to wear it again. That fit shows your fabulous figure!
    Hugs to you and my fave TP!

    1. Thanks for your sympathy, sometimes we oldies feel like we're falling apart, like old jalopies!
      Thank you for your extremely flattering words, I'm just hoping we get a bit more sun so's I can play around a bit more with this dress, this dress is for playing! Hugs my sweet sista, x.

  3. Oh your poor tooth!

    The beach dress is lovely. The shape really suits you so maybe you should find more dresses with this shape? The colours are lovely and I like the sound of the combinations you've suggested. Go for it!


    1. Thank you, Vronni, I think it may be something to do with the age of this dress, they don't make 'em like this any more. And if the sun goes for it, then so shall I !!! Hugs my lovely, x.

  4. You are so lucky with the weather Mary. It's not been so nice here in London. I've just packed the summer wardrobe away xx

    1. Haven't we been blessed with the most gorgeous summer AND Indian summer. I'm still hanging on in there and haven't started on the season switch yet, that feels so final, bundling up such a beautiful few months of sun.
      Have a sunny rest of week, x.