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Saturday 8 September 2018

Thieving Thriday P.S.- Le Nautique

Thanks for popping back for my postscript, my lovelies.  I hope your weekend has got off to a flying start and maybe you're taking a break from your activities, sitting down with a coffee and are catching up with a few of your favourite blogs - and if you're here then
YIPPPEEEE!  I'm one of your faves!

I split up the outfit post I was putting together yesterday as it got just a bit too unwieldy, even by my standards!  So here I give you the "where I took the outfit" element.  Now just relax, enjoy your coffee and scroll through my pics.

Scaling  the centuries-old granite steps to Le Nautique restaurant, which is set in an old wharf building dating from when the seafront part of town was an active port for sailing ships.

Life in steps.

I have a love for old worn steps, steps that evidence forever the tread of those who've walked them for hundreds of years before us.  Life is there in each small worn indentation, each foot-polished slab.  Each step has been part of million life-stories.  What were those before me thinking as they placed their foot exactly where mine is today?

Oh how I digress.  Back to the meal, I drank a glass of chilled dry rose.

The view from my table, looking out over one of the island's  many marinas.

I started with a prawn tian.

Between courses, I admired the metallic table mats with a modern naiive fish (or should I say ex-fish?) design

I should have stopped at the prawn tian, for I then struggled to get through my king prawn green thai curry and wastefully had to leave rather a lot.

In recent years my appetite must have slowly reduced.  Or rather my capacity to eat, for perhaps the appetite is still there.  It happens over time as you age I guess.  I find that I've continued to order the same meals as I ate, say 5 years ago, but I'm leaving more and more on my plate, uneaten.  This is of course an expensive habit but more importantly, it's obscenely wasteful in this day and age.  

So I am trying to get my brain to catch up with my stomach and then engage with my mouth so that when it comes to ordering, the elegant words "I'll just have a starter with a side salad" are emitted through my ojjjwrinkled lips!

I realise I have become my mum!  She used to say things like "I'll just have a soup" and now I totally get that.  I am her!

Are you noticing your appetite is not yet in sync with your current eating capacity?

TP's scallops, new potatoes and an array of vegetables went down well!

The scallops were hand-caught by divers.  
The chef always comes round to chat with the diners after the meal and when TP mentioned that the quality of scallops was second to none, the chef explained the reasons why all hand-caught seafood actually does taste better.  Sadly it's all about the catching method; sea creatures are traumatised by the whole net-catching process which manifests in their poor little bodies.
That's food for thought, eh?
Perhaps you're vegan and this is further vindication of your life choice.  

Hand catching is a more costly process but when possible I choose to
eat less, but better.

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So on that slightly preachy note from my pulpit (doesn't it look like one?!), I leave you till the next time, or as we say in Guernsey French ...

A la perchoine.


  1. Of course you are one of my favorites!! All the time! I welcome the day my appetite reduces - I can eat ALOT! I swear I have to cut myself off so my clothes will still fit, but I love what you said about eating less but better. And the bit about the steps (granite of course because hello we are in Guernesy afterall) really had me thinking - yes, who else has stepped there?
    And to top it all off you look just lovely in this dress with the scarf and the wind gently blowing your hair - supermodel!!!

    1. Thank you my lovely! Well sweetie, you are a paradigm of good health, and your appetite gives you energy for the life you lead. As life slows, so too does appetite, so what does go in the body needs to taste good and be good stuff!
      I live on an island whose next westerly stop is North America, so most days have even a little wind, that's why I'm not too keen on outdoor shots as my hair is always flying around, but I'll start thinking "supermodel", maybe that'll help!
      Hugs sweet sista, x.

  2. To echo Kellyann: Of course you are one of my favorites. Because of your blog, I get to experience Guernsey, lovely seaside views, and delicious food with no calories. And I love your wit. And your outfits. :-)

    1. Aahhh, Susan, so sweet of you, thank you. Thanks for your so nice words and yes, looking at my food shots doesn't put on a single pound! Hugs my dear, x.

  3. How very glam you are in this aqua/turquoise outfit (I need to go back and see more). Thank you for sharing your outing with us, and yes I do agree with eating less, better food is the answer to wasting food. I've never visited the Channel Isles but do fancy a trip one day.

    Have a super week!
    Anna x

    1. Oh Anna, I too hate to see food wasted, it's criminal. With reduced consumption/increased quality, we find ourselves needing to shop more frequently for perishables.
      Well I've visited your island, maybe it's time for you to visit mine!
      Hugs my sweet friend, x.

  4. I'm liking the outfit mary! I don't remember seeing this on you before? Yes to eating better, and climbing steps to keep fit! xx

    1. Thanks, Laurie. I have a stash of linen and silk summer suits from my working life which I love too much to get rid of. I chanced upon this suit when searching for an East floral dress (which wasn't therešŸ˜¢) and then realised my aqua cardi and scarf were perfect partners for the suit, but in its split state.
      Have a step-climbing rest of week, x.

  5. I am just checking out your delightful blog and ran upon this post. I thought I was the only one whose appetite far exceeds what I can eat anymore! My husband, who hasn't reached that point yet thinks I am totally nutter, but there it is. The good thing, is I have leftovers for lunch the next day.