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Wednesday 23 March 2016

My High Street Haul

I managed to find a few hours to have a look around the local shops, so I joined up with a cousin to share a girlie morning out.

Between-season shopping is always a challenge and I don't particularly enjoying the shopping process anyway, so that just adds another challenge to the mix.

'Aver, I went with some specific needs - a second pair of shoes I could wear during this holiday and a pair of jeans, as I discovered on arrival that the ones I have here have a tear in ripening fabric, so repairing isn't an option.  And I don't do grunge so these, and all the jeans with rips and worn-out bits on sale all over the place, just aren't for me.  That reduces my choice considerably!

Hey, why don't I share my girlie day with you too, virtually ...

I was looking for some pretty basic items - shoes, jeans. I started off well with the shoes.

At M&S I found some dressy black suede ankle bootees with a dinky heel, just £11 in their sale and so off-radar that they've disappeared off the website.  I'll photograph them soon.

And I found these.

Leather Wide Fit Chelsea Ankle Boots

Now. these little babies are going to be good for clomping around the touristy places!

And then these

Not in the sale as they are this season.  A nice nudey colour.
I know I'll wear these a lot.  But when it's warmer.
(Sorry about the small photo, they come off the website that way - the links give a bigger shot)

Jeans were also On-List.

I found some in Next. 

And the must-have M&S black jeggings. 

These can be worn with just about everything on my Richter scale !

I was definitely keeping On-List, so far.

Then I went a bit Off-List.

Black Frill Front Top

 A nice dressy top that can also look good with black jeggings, or 7/8 white or chino jeans. 
But with a cardi, of course - you don't want to see my arms, do you?!


I love 7/8 chinos from M&S.  I bought some a couple of years ago, they are so versatile and thus have had so much summer-time use that they are looking a little weary (read tatty!).  I am so pleased they are still in their range this year.  Thank you, M&S.

Here's a shot of how they looked in better times.

Nicely casual with a Next modal top and Ecco sandals.  And short hair!

 It's a bit too cold to think of wearing these trousers yet - they need bare feet! Brrrr.

 Oh then it just got messy!  Into the bag went M&S bubble button cardis (love 'em) and a black/white cardi-jacket thing from Next - a Good Transitional Piece, as those stylish people say.

So what does every girl need after a morning like that?  A cappuccino.  But sorry, I can't share that with you, virtually.

Or, maybe I can ...

OK, it's an old photo, but the please enter into the spirit of this virtual coffee-drinking malarkey!

On reflection, I went so Off-List, but I did find the core items I shopped for too - so, all good!

I have to dash now, I'm off for a massive trying-on session.  Maybe some items will be returned, and maybe, just maybe, some will be appearing on a blog near you very soon :-).

A la perchoine.

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