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Saturday 23 July 2016

Friday Night Sunset

Friday was a beautiful day so I maxed out on the warm sunny weather.  I got on the golf course bright and early and was able to finish my game before it got too hot.  I just can't do heat like I used to.

The day just screamed out to end perfectly.  It said eats and a bottle of chilled white at our local sundowner.   
The west coast of the island has a long stretch of beautiful coastline and sandy beaches, with perfect bays for swimming.  All within a short walk of home.

A short saunter also gets me to a great pub, The Rockmount (Rockie), and a lovely terrace restaurant, the latter being m destination.  Both look out on an awesome bay.

 The evening brought out the beach lovers - swimming, strolling, playing beach games, picnicking or grilling on transportable BBQs

Fishing boats anchored in the bay.

And fishing boats "parked" along the roadside.

Food can be cooked on the little wall.

The slipway where boats are wheeled down to the sea.

There's a wide selection of food on offer in the seafront village.  This tea room does great soups and cakes

But we were headed here.

The Terrace.

Why do my flower containers never look like this?

Eats started with a selection of breads and butters.  And a chilled Pinot Grigio.

Prawns Tempura.

Hand-cut chips!

Duck, sliced and in spring rolls.

The view from my table.

Enjoying the view into my glass!


The restaurant looks out due west, towards the Atlantic.  So the tradition is to watch the sun set down behind the horizon, whilst enjoying a glass of wine.  I did so want to give you a pic of it.  The sunset, that is.  I've given you pic of the wine!

But you know, after a day of early golf and garden pottering and being old and needing (desperately) my beauty sleep, we decided we really didn't want to stick around till 9pm for the sunset - that's pensioner bedtime for heaven's sake! 
So home we went whilst the sun was still high in the sky.

Now, I'd worn my sensible, enclosed flatties as there was walking to be done that evening.  All good so far, eh?  Unfortunately my feet swelled a tad in the early-evening heat.  My shoes were much tighter when we left for home.  I arrived home with a painful blister!  I'd forgotten what heat does to feet.  So maybe not quite a perfect ending to such a perfect day.  
Note to self: wear Birkenstocks for hot summer night excursions!

Not wanting to disappoint you, I give you a sunset.  From home.
Now where did I put my Compeed blister plasters?

Thanks for popping in.

A la perchoine.


  1. Compeed blister plasters are the bees knees, so are Birkenstocks. I like the colour of the dress on you and oh, chilled wine by the sea.

  2. Hi Anna,
    Welcome home. Yes, Birkies would have been the way to go. Trouble is, I forget that sometimes back home we have the same heat as further south.
    Glad you liked the brown. And the sea. And the wine!