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Tuesday 26 July 2016

How To Sleep Well

Do you want to know what's getting me to sleep so well?
And what's preventing me from posting nice OOTD pics?

It's this.  The Overgrown Garden.

And this.  The Leaning Sheds of Guernsey. 

Bet you never thought you'd see pics like this on a blog!

The sheds need replacing, PDQ.  So we've emptied these two beauties and the messy utility area bridging the two. 

We've filled five 1 ton bags of rubbish from the area.
Just why have I kept so much junk for so long?  Answers in comments below please!

It's funny how when things are left in a shed for enough years, they erode in value.  Just by sitting there. 
They go in the shed as things of importance, things of value, things that it is vital that one keeps.
They leave the shed as rubbish.

Have you been working on any unpleasant jobs in the garden?
Or have you been enjoying the summer in nice outfits rather than scruffy old work clothes like me?

Yes, I've had to roll up the old pensioner sleeves.  And this evening I'm exhausted!
But I wanted to take a pic of something nice when I finally headed back to the house teatime.

I took one of this new rose.  It's out of focus.  Even my camera button pressing finger is exhausted.
So much lifting, shifting, cleaning, sorting, deciding, strategizing, dumping, organising.

But you have to know bad to know good, a quote from Son.
The bad is my aching body from two days of a-bendin and a-liftin and a-shiftin.
The good is that something nice and pretty and exciting will replace The Leaning Sheds.

In the meantime, forgive me for sharing these hum-drum pics with you.  But I thought you might want to see what I'm up to.  
Hard grafting.  And falling asleep as soon as my tired little pensioner head hits the pillow.

Sleep well too, peeps
A la perchine.


  1. Apologies to Anna of The Mutton Years. Techie probs yesterday - I ended up with 3 copies of the same post. I deleted two just at the time you posted a comment and the comment was lost.
    Anyway, it's comforting to hear that Anna too has been hard at work out in the garden and she's been cleaning out chicken coops too. It's all glamour with us gals eh?!
    Thanks for your message Anna, sorry about my techie issues.
    I hope some of you out there can find a few moments to share what you've been up to in a comment too. I love hearing from you.
    Have a nice day Anna, and all you lovely peeps out there.

  2. Aha, found your reply. This talking over blog thingy is weird. A bit like the old telegraph.

  3. Not long to go now and assistance arrives... Do keep a little something to do for slave nr.2. And just like that, she turns her hand to rhyming! Multi-talented as well.
    À très bientôt!

  4. Hi Duchesse,
    In advance I beg your pardon
    For the mess you'll find that is my garden!

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