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Monday 4 July 2016

Mellow Yellow

Firstly, I'd like to wish all of my dear American readers
a very Happy Independence Day!
And a belated greeting to my Canadian readers, who celebrated Canada Day a few days ago.

Now, we haven't had a song for a while so ...

They call me Mellow Yellow,
Quite rightly.

And quite rightly indeed, as thanks to the sun and Donovan, I'm wearing Mellow Yellow today.
For at last we're getting a bit of true summer.  So I was finally able to pull this out of my imaginary dresses-only holiday suitcase today. 

The dress is old from Next but I note that Next is still using the same pattern this year with other fabrics.  Which is good because it is an ideal little summer dress.  It's made in a linen-blend fabric which is great because I get the mix of coolness with less crease than 100% linen.
Here I'm wearing it with my Clarks metallic-toed flatties, which makes it a perfect little number to wear for afternoon tea on a pretty garden lawn, or to wear whilst enjoying the early evening sun in a beach-side restaurant (and I have one in mind for tonight!)

Slipping on Birkenstocks changes it into the sort of dress you could wear to wander around a hot town on a Greece island, or as a cover-up on a beach in Blighty.

I just love the fresh yellow-based floral pattern.  Strange, I never used to think of me as being able to take yellow, but in the last few years I have been strangely drawn to it.  Which has made me very happy because this yellow dress really brightens up my attitude!

As I was about to go off for a walk along the prom pushing my aunt in her wheelchair, I slipped on my comfortable walkers, my Clarks sandals bought way back and still going strong.  The look is a bit schoolgirly but I was comfy.  And the M&S bobble-button cardi came too, just in case.

Now, I did toy with the idea of wearing this as the ultimate accessory,
as the yellow really went with the OOTD.

A plastic bag from Magasin in Copenhagen.
Fortunately that "toying" only lasted a nano-second!

Does colour or pattern influence how you feel?  Does it brighten up your day?  Your mood?
Does this dress print work for you?

Now I have to fess up to occasionally getting really moved by colour and print.  And I am about to share with you my all-time favourite. 

LAURA ASHLEY EMMA bloomsbury FABRIC FQ. -Buy ANY 3-get one FREE!

Taadaah!  Laura Ashley Emma Bloomsbury, Straw.  
I look at this and smile.  Every time.

I first fell for it when Laura Ashley brought it out about 30 years ago. 
I bought the waxed fabric and made a tablecloth.  Which I still cherish and use to this day.  For years I wished I'd bought the cotton fabric too, which was by then discontinued.
Then the lovely people at Laura Ashley re-issued the fabric a few years ago.  I snapped some up.  I planned to make something for the house but I am so glad that I didn't rush to do that.  For now, having realised I love yellow on me, I will be making something to wear. 
Maybe a simple shift dress.  Maybe a skirt and shell-top. 
I am excited at the prospect!

Wishing you a sunny and happy day, wherever you are.

A la perchoine.

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