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Sunday, 3 July 2016


It's Sunday.  When I'm in Blighty, Sunday means coffee with the family.  

And for coffee, I chose a coffee-coloured dress from my imaginary dresses-only holiding suitcase.
Pretty appropriate, eh?

 Actually, the colour seems closer to frappuccino than coffee, but that would have made the title less appropriate and the play on tea-dress would have been lost so I am allowing myself some artistic license.  For I like having fun with my titles.

Back to the dress.  It has a sort of sunray seaming across the bust area, getting it to fit really nicely.

And unusually for a dress, it has roomy pockets.  And it's linen = creases. 
This picture seems to make the creases look worse than they really are.

I still have to get my head around linen and the creases thing.  It's seems to go against all we were taught about good dressing.  But there is no doubt that linen is cool and perfect for a summer's day.

I bought the dress last year, Italian, from a little boutique in the town here which has since closed.  Shame.

Yet again, it has been another day of get up, slip on dress.  No faffing matching the separates.  No pulling down of tops and hoisting up of jeans during the day.  Dresses fit so smoothly on the body.  Such a simple way of dressing.  And feminine - that's the look I am trying to achieve, anyway!

What's your take on dresses?
Are you wearing dresses this summer?  More in summer than winter, maybe?
You may be anti-dresses.  What do I know?!  I don't know much about you at all ...

And the cardi came too!  I wore it with my M&S snakeskin flatties and pink BHS cardi. 
Well, this is an English summer and the outing entails a brisk walk along the breezy prom.

We meet at a cute little cafĂ© along the sea front. I made the effort to dress nicely, for we meet with my aunt who will be 97 next month! She likes a well-turned-out niece. 
The coffee meet-up is a family tradition.  Sometimes 5 generations meet up there on a Sunday morning! Today we were just 3 generations.

Do you have any family traditions?  Traditions so simple that it's not difficult to maintain them?  Like something as simple as meeting for a coffee once a week?

A la perchoine.


  1. I just love these soft colours on you, PP :)

  2. Thank you,Fiona (you see, I'm learning from you how to accept compliments chicly!).

  3. P.s. the following day my cousin turned up at her mum's wearing the blue version of this dress. Mum said "why are you wearing that nightie?" She'll be 97 next month so she says it as she sees it!