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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Inspiration and The Price of Frozen Chips

I'm feeling inspired.

On Sunday I dressed in M&S chinos and the ecru/ black stripey Magasin top worn over a Next ecru longline camisole (I've learned from my Sancte Hans Aften blooper).

The Photographer put together a kartoffelmad topped with dried fried onion, a new topping twist we picked up during our recent trip to Denmark.
Talk about yummy!!!  Do try it.

Later, after a traditional Sunday Roast with relatives, we watched Andy Murray win in the Wimbledon singles and that was topped by  our Guernsey girl, Heather Watson, winning the mixed doubles with her charming Finnish partner, Henry. 
Guernsey now has a Wimbledon champion.  Can you believe that?!!!

Her enthusiasm, cheerful and fun approach and her "we can do this" spirit was really infectious. 
I hope youngsters are inspired by her.  And not-so-young-sters.  For I was.

As today found me inspired to wear my Magasin top again, this time with a black longline camisole and white Peacock crops.  "What no shoes?" The Photographer commented.  Ooops.  Slip on the Birkenstocks ...

... fluff up hair, start "photoshoot" again.

Then,  inspired by Heather's enthusiasm, The Photographer  left to play a winning round of golf.

And I, feeling similarly inspired, channelled my quest for victory into a shop at Lidl.
My challenge, to totally re-stock the freezer which is now empty, bar ice cubes and citrus slices, after feeding us for many weeks.
My target, to shop sub-£100.

I continue to be amazed by the price of food off-island.  A weekly shop is £40-50 cheaper than back home.  Really.  
It is the stuff a housewife's fairy tales are made of.
And paraphrasing Marcellus in Shakespeare's fairy tale, something is rotten in the supermarkets of Guernsey.  Not literally, of course!

So, it's been a mixed day.  A day of inspiration, a day of feeling a tad peeved with the price of frozen chips back home.
Oh and in case you're interested, I bettered my target by £10.  
A new PB!

A la perchoine.


  1. I haven't yet ventured into a Lidl, but aim to as soon as I get home. I've only heard good things. Love your casual attire. It's my style. I hear you'll be breaking out the shorts this week. Knees, what knees, pah.

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for popping in. I hope you enjoy Lidl, it's not just about price, the quality doesn't disappoint either.
    Now, shorts, hmmm, definitely the weather for it. And maybe life's too short to worry about knees in shorts!