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If not now, when?

Saturday 2 July 2016

A Slinky 70s Vibe

Hi, peeps.  Thanks so much for popping in. 

Another day.  Another dress.

Finally some sun!  So something cooler comes out of my imaginary dresses-only suitcase today.

This prettily-patterned jersey dress is from Primark, last year.
The fabric of this type of dress must be heavy and slinky to hang well, skimming the curves.  Choose carefully.

And yes, I bared my arms.  If not now, when.  My skin will get crepier, my arms probably won't get slimmer or firmer.  Right now is as good as these arms are going to get.  I didn't waste the moment!

I'm wearing the dress with my Clarks metallic-toed flatties.

Always cautious, I topped it with a M&S navy bobble-button cardi.

This dress always makes me feel good.  I like it's slinky 70s vibe.

And this dresses-only approach is making me feel soooo laid-back ...

And here's where I headed.  Coming up soon!
A la perchoine.

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