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Thursday 7 July 2016

Kitted Out For Comfort

Hi peeps, thanks for popping in today.  As you may have picked up by now, I'm on a little mission to see how I fare plucking out daily from my imaginary dresses-only holiday suitcase.  I'm getting towards the end of my little dry-run.

Here's the dress you had a glimpse of here,  In about 3 seconds it can be changed form smartish to casual, so it's an immensely versatile dress.  In my view.

It's black jersey and from Dorothy Perkins, featured here and in the embryonic stage here.
Here this cheap-as-chips summer slip-on is worn here with a little ivory tassel necklace and Clarks flatties (close up here). 

This outfit would be fine for a dinner date ... or drinks with Top Cat and her hubby, which is why the tassel necklace was slipped on this evening.
And the little tassel certainly had the required effect.  Top Cat's comment when entering the hall was "Oh, I didn't realise we were dressing up for drinks".  What a result from just 3 seconds of effort!

And during the day for various errands, I wore the dress a tad more casually with oh-so-comfy Birkenstocks.  Such a comfortable dress.  And it hides my ugly knees a dream.

Now, let's talk comfy shoes, Top Cat had bought these sandals.  She couldn't remember if they are Jones or Clarks.  She was a bit vague having just returned from a troublesome tooth filling, so I'm a bit short on detail here.  No matter, I had to try them on and they are ultra-comfy.  Springy to walk on.  They have a bit of a platform and a wedge thing going on.  And they are just slightly sparkly pink!  These little flashy cushions of air could take you just about anywhere and everywhere this summer!

Stop Press.  I couldn't rest with such vagueness so I searched around.  Looks like they areFitFlop Lulu Shimmer Slides but sold through Jones The Bootmaker.

So, peeps, what's your take on ultra-comfy summer shoes and summer dresses - do you have anything tried and tested and tested that you really want to tell the world about?  Or share with me?!!

A la perchoine.


  1. love this dress! and in general i love dresses for the summer. it's quite hot here during summer and they are so much cooler and can look chic so easily, as you proved! you look fabulous! xo

  2. Why thank you, Janet, so kind.
    I've only been to Utah in the snow season so my little brain struggles with Utah and summer dresses in the same sentence. But I've picked up from your blog that it is HOT there right now so keep wearing the dresses!