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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

It's official.  The island recorded its hottest July day today since records began, beating the 1952 record.  32c! The official number is recorded at the airport but it was warmer throughout the rest of the island.  
So I spent most of the day on the beach.  As we island pensioners do.

The Photographer and I were like passing ships today which meant I am pretty short of pics.  But trust me, the whole day was bloomin gorgeous.

On to OOTDs.  I had two.
 I started the day dressing nicely for my annual optician appointment in town, wearing this cool as cucumber dress which I showed you recently here

The optician decided that I needed new lenses so what does a girl do?
Yup, she takes the opportunity to buy new specs.  I'll show you them soon, I'm in training with them at the mo as the lenses take some getting used to.

Spec business done, I then met up with cute GS which means just one thing.  Head for the beach.  He loves it!

So my second OOTD kicked in.

This navy and white dress from Next has become my go-to beach dress.  It's so easy to sling on over beachwear for the trip to and from the beach.  It has handy Granny pockets.  And it still seems to be in stock.

And my fave tankini set completed my second OOTD.

And this little set frolicked around here.

GS and I had lunch on the beach and played around with bucket and spade, sea and shrimping net.

Then later, when GS had left and my day's appointment book was finally in sync with The Photographer's, we returned to the beach for a before-tea swim.  

These pics were taken earlier in the day but by late afternoon the beach pfilled up with families and friends out to enjoy our mini heatwave.  

Today, the hottest day of the year so far, had been hyped up by weather forecasters yesterday, and so many must have left work early today to enjoy the moment with loved ones.  It was lovely to see.  And feel.  For the excitement, fun and feeling of well-being was palpable, everyone was enjoying being out there in the glorious sunshine.

And it was a day when I was thankful for that refreshing Atlantic seawater, an exhilarating way to cool off on the hottest July day since records began.

I hope you are enjoying good weather where you are.  How are you managing to keep cool?

A la perchoine.


  1. I'm in love. That beach dress from Next!!

  2. If you love it then put a ring on it, Anna. Your summer will be easier with it in your life! I love it too but it's dress enough to handle all this adoration!!!

    1. Sadly it's sold out in my size. Hoping it will come back in stock.

  3. Oh dear, that's a shame but hope it's back in stock soon for you to enjoy it in the heat. I have to say I've spent most of the week in mine for the beach trips.
    Wishing you Sunun, sea and Aperols for the rest of your holiday.