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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

An Ab Fab Sort of Day

Get up.  Slip on dress. Be fabulous.

Jane at mymidlifefashion is making life far too easy.

The OOTD is a doddle.  No stressing about separates, colours, patterns.
As it was a dull day I just grabbed this navy Bardot again.  No stress about wearing the same dress twice in one week.  I'm on "holiday".  Living out of an imaginary dresses-only suitcase.

Maybe just take a nanosecond to chose a necklace, like this pink pseudo-Swarovski here.

Then throw over a pink cardi.

And taa-daah, but a moments work to get ready for daughter in law who's coming down from London later today for the weekend.

So, what do I with all this extra stress-free time?
How do I fill my day with fabulousness?
Well, I need to cook for DIL so let's put together a recipe ...

A Recipe

I browned some chicken breasts in olive oil and butter, then simmered them in chicken stock with some tarragon and garlic granules. 
I then placed the breasts in a baking dish to sit with some freshly chopped coriander over, whilst I cooked up some chopped walnuts in the stock in the pan, adding some white wine and a splash of brandy and some dried tarragon.
When that mix was nicely cooked down I added S&P and a pot of double cream (285ml), sploshed it over the chicken and placed it in the oven at about 190c for 25 mins.

But I needed a vegetable and there's not much in the house.
Hmmnn.  So, I also made a vegetable roast using what I had available (quarters of 2 onions, 2 long red peppers and 1 green bell pepper, mixed with olive oil, S&P and chopped coriander).  That's cooking in the oven for the same time.

Slice chicken.  Pour over sauce.  Serve with the vegetables new potatoes.  Smile fabulously.

And if that's not enough calories and cholesterol, then I will offer DIL an apple pie and cream.  M&S, of course, there's a limit to my fabulousness!

It's in the oven now as I'm typing.  I hope it comes out OK, as I've been making it up as I went along.  If it's OK, I'll post a photo at the bottom.  If it's not, you will know nothing about this as I will have deleted this recipe section :-).

Some time later.  Phew!  The recipe survived. And you get photos.  For it turned out OK.  Fabulous, even!

Now, what can I call it ...?  Any ideas? Absolutely Fabulous Chicken?

And just a footnote, I'm trying to clear out the chocka freezer, 
and also be aware of what I'm eating, post-holiday-indulgences.

So lunch was flaked peppered salmon salad. 
Apart from the coriander, salad stuff and the spuds, everything else today was from the freezer or store cupboard.

So, a pretty fabulous day, all round!

A la perchoine.


  1. I love the navy dress on you, PP, and your meals look delicious - like they came from the pages of a Nigella cookbook!

  2. You are too kind, Fiona!
    I'm pleased with my work making that dress bra-friendly.
    The chicken and roasted veg leftovers were added to cream and gnocchi the next day for a quick supper after we returned from a seriously full day out. Worked well.