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Sunday 31 July 2016

Beach Dressing

Hi peeps!
Today I thought I'd show you one of my most-used dresses this summer. 
My little Next beachdress.
And what better place to show you is there other than in its natural habitat.  The beach!

I detailed it in this post here but I hadn't taken any IRL shots of  it.  So let's address that now (pun sooo intended!).

I think it may have sold out now.  Sorry if you missed it.

First a trek through the grassy headland to get to the beach. 

 I think I look a bit David Bellamy, wading through that undergrowth!


Then on to the seaside headland around Port Grat.

It's a little fishing boat port and beach.

And then on to the beach!  

We decided to give ourselves a day off, so we had a pleasant walk, soaking up the beauty that is around us.

The beach is beautifully sandy.  Great for swimming.

I could afford to relax, lounge around on rocks and paddle in the sea.  I'd finished the Shed Project!

I went out walking around midday.  The tide was low.

The hat is also from Next and I'm loving it.  It keeps down firm even on a breezy day.

Taking bad selfies.  Gotta be done!

Dipping my toes in the water.  The swim came later in the day when the tide was high and the water had been warmed over the hot sand.  I'm not stupid!

So a dip was all I managed on this little trek.

Image result for images of port soif guernsey

And later, a swim before tea. Warm sea.  After the initial shock of getting wet!

And I got wet in my second OOTD, my brown cozzi from Bravissimo, shown here
It's so easy to throw the little stripey dress over a swimsuit and head for the beach.

Have you been on the beach today?  Maybe swimming?
Whatever you did, I hope you had a nice Sunday.
Thanks for popping in.

A la perchoine.


  1. That dress so suits you. A lucky find for you. Your neighbourhood looks gorgeous. It was a lovely weekend weather wise wasn't it.


    1. Why thank you, Anna, dress and 'hood serve me well! Sorry you missed out on the dress, these things sell out so quickly.
      Yes it was a lovely weekend. Hope you had a good time out and about.