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Friday 1 July 2016

Bridgette Bardot

Let's move on from holiday snaps now and talk about dresses. 
The lovely Jane from mymidlifefashion wrote recently that she packs just dresses for summer holidays.   I liked the idea and did a bit of research here to find some good dresses for my holiday. 

I loved the shoulder line of the Dorothy Perkins Bardot, here in navy, Clarks flatties shown here,  

But I had an issue with that shoulder line as being on the buxom side, I need a bra with straps.  However, I had a cunning plan ...

... for I made it into a sort of cold-shoulder dress!
I bought some wide navy petersham and sewed in two straps where the bra straps hang out.  It creates a bridge between front and back of the dress.  A little bridge.  A sort of bridgette.

Et voila!  I've still got the nice shoulder line yet I now have a totally wearable dress.
What do you think of my adaptation?
Do you have issues with Bardot shoulder-lines too?

I slipped a stripey slouchy sweater around my shoulders and I was good to go.

Hey, I have another tip.  As a pensioner I find myself buying the odd bottom-priced sweater, like the Primark one above.  
They are fine but sometimes the cuffs get baggy.  So I take in what it needs to make the cuff sit tight, then I sew a little graduating seam from the cuff until it reaches the garment's seam somewhere up the sleeve.  It's a quick job.  
Et voila, une fois de plus!!  A totally wearable sweater!

So, back to Jane and her holiday dress wardrobe.  I couldn't commit to packing just dresses for my recent trip as I hadn't had time to thoroughly trial the idea at home beforehand.  I need solid research before embarking on ground-breaking shifts of pattern!
But I thought I'd dip my toe in the water, so along with separates I packed a few dresses for Denmark and wore one.  A lot. 
You will have seen which one in yesterday's post.  

I think Jane's idea works because I loved slipping on a dress, job done,  with no faffing about what goes with what and there is no doubt that I felt cooler wearing it under the hot Nordic sun.  So dresses-only would be the way to go for a stress-free summer holiday.  I needed just a little more training time to get into the dresses-only mindset for my Denmark trip.  

Thanks for the inspiration, Jane.  I'm now trialling the idea back here in Blighty.  I have 5 dresses to play with.  Watch this space!

Now, the elephant in the room.  My hair.  I'm still having probs getting it to sit right since it was cut a few weeks ago.   I took selfies today in desperation, hoping I could see where it's just not working.

The selfies didn't help.  I'm still flummoxed.  Any ideas?  Any hairdressers out there who can see where it's going wrong?  Is it the cut, is it an ageing hair thing, or is it just my bad hair pifting?!

A la perchoine.


  1. you are adorable! i like your fix to the strapless dress. i really would love an off the shoulder dress too but the bra is an issue with me also. i do have a rather comfy strapless bra that may work. i just think it would bother me all day at work so i'll have to see. your hair looks great to me. but i know nothing about hair and i'm constantly fighting mine. i love the idea of a summer holiday and just bringing dresses! xo

  2. Aww. You are so sweet!
    Yes, life's too short to faff around with strapless bras! Please try the bridgette approach, I've had yet another comfy day today with my Bardot.
    And Janet, your Las Vegas dresses, bob and updo were all pretty perfect!!!
    Thanks for popping in today, M.