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Saturday 16 July 2016

Summer Nosh - Tuna and Bean Salad

Hi peeps, thanks for popping in on this glorious summer's day.  Made more glorious by my slogging away in the garden all day and now feeling rather virtuous.

Taking a break to stop for lunch, I was hard-pressed to find inspiration in the fridge.  What could I quickly rustle up to satisfy two hungry, hard-working gardening types.  Then I thought of this salad, because the ingredients are usually to hand and it is a satisfying lunch for those who've been grafting away.  But mostly because I really like this salad. 

So this evening, I'd like to share the recipe, if it can glamourise itself with the title.  It is more a throwing together of ingredients found to hand and squishing them all together.  But, let's give it some dignity.  Here I give you, hmmnn what shall I call it ...

Tuna and Bean Salad

I only took one picture.  I didn't realise the pergola strut was shadowing the plate.  Sorry.


1 can tuna, I used the easy-drain in spring water variety
1 red onion, cut in quarters and finely sliced
chopped coriander
olive oil, a light drizzle over the above ingredients
mayonnaise after taste, I used about 3 heaped dessertspoons.  I like mayonnaise.
salt and pepper
shredded lettuce
can of cannellini beans, rinsed and drained (butter beans work well too)
cooked new potatoes, in small chunks


Place all but last 3 ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Add remaining 3 ingredients and mix gently, so as not to break up the beans or potato.

Take out to your garden table.  Serve.  Enjoy.

Alternative: If you don't have cooked potatoes but have some other stodge, like cooked rice or pasta, well those carbs work just as well.  And you can add, subtract, (multiply, divide) with whatever you fancy/have to hand, e.g. hard-boiled eggs or canned sweetcorn.

Is that simple enough for a summer's day?  Little effort required.
I do love this salad, I find it immensely satisfying and tasty.  Please try it and let me know if you are a fan of this little dish or not.

A la perchoine.

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