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Monday 15 August 2016

Friday Night? Again?

Friday night out.  Me? Out again?
They really are like buses.  I don't go out for weeks and weeks on a Friday night and then goodness knows how many come along, one after the other.

This is me.  In a bus.  On the way to Town.  
With my The Fly sunglasses.  Don't I look like a blow-up of a fly?! 

Yes, for last week's Friday treat, we piled into a bus with Dutchie and sped off to town.

Me and The Photographer looking a tad more presentable with freshly-trimmed hair.  He's wearing a Mads Norgaard top bought during our Danish trip,; he loves this top!  I'm wearing a Dotty P black jersey dress.

Our destination, The Boathouse restaurant.

It was busy.

Dutchie took a pic of her rib eye steak, creamed spinach and all the trjmmings.

I took a pic of my lobster and crab roll.

And the photographer took a pic of his scallops.  And his finger.

Dutchie's steak was yummy,

The Photographer's scallops were scrummy.

And the lobster roll didn't hit the sides of my tummy!

Dutchie always takes us out for a meal on the last evening of her holidays.  Thank you, Marianne.

And the next morning we made a big breakfast to keep her going during her long drive back to Holland.

Scrambled local eggs with parmesan.  The best tomatoes we have EVER tasted, from a nearby flower stall.  Super-sweet melon from the hedge stall across the road.
I even went foraging in the garden for fresh flowers to vase up for her.

And for travelling, our friend had chosen to wear the Wink bracelet we gave her during the meal the night before.   Isn't it lovely?

And what was this little imp up to when my back was turned?

What's this naughty young thing done now?

Looking like butter wouldn't melt eh?

But this cheeky little monkey had done a photo-jack on me!  She'd sneaked off with my camera to leave me these photos.  I found them when downloading today. 
What a little scallywag!!!

Marianne, we've had a lovely holiday with you, as always.  Please come back again soon. 
But next time I may just keep my camera away from naughty little fingers ... ;0)

I hope you've enjoyed my posts featuring my visiting house imp, err I mean, house guest.  What naughty pranks have your guests played on you?  Please share by commenting below!

A la perchoine.


  1. As long as the imp does the washing up as well it's all right I say.

    1. Well she does all of that, Anna, so let the little imp play a little, eh.

  2. For A o/t MY; This here imp was trained very well by PP, my mentor for many years!!
    Great blog again, PP,even though I feature rather much in it (by my own doing, of course). I love the picture of you and photographer on the bus into town; how happy you both look! A la prochaine xx

    1. Thanks for your sweet message, Duchesse. I guess the photo shows that we really do enjoy a good bus ride and this one includes a super drive along the coast.