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If not now, when?

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Jour #7 - Desperately Seeking Neutral

Just look how far downhill we've travelled this week.
You've now come to expect ...

The head.

And the rest.
Next chinos and lacy top. A pretty neutral OOTD.

I didn't think it could get much worse.

But my goodness, it just has - this one is bad!
I even photographed with a Venetian blind marking its territory about my person!

Then after working to the constraints of the bathroom mirror (and its blind) for two days, I found ...

... a wardrobe mirror!  Oh what luxury.  What new technology.

I was sooo excited.  So excited that I didn't spot The Photographer lurking behind me as I shot my Magasin equally neutral ecru/black linen top worn over my neutral shorts combo. 

So! Last day of the hols.  Back tomorrow to technology.

The chateau does a lovely scrambled egg breakfast.  And loads more.  I'm starting to think we come here just for superb food.  And the superb service.  And the superb decor.  And the superb location.  Oh heck, we come here for loads of reasons!

But I am embarrassed to tell you about one of Rennes' big pulls. Which got me doing what I did today. The last day of my hols.  You have to come from a small island to understand why I did what I did.  And to know and understand my back-story.

For I went to IKEA, just a 10-15min drive from the chateau.
To pay homage to this armchair, as it turns out.

I found it here in Rennes 3 years ago.  In neutral fabric.  It was a Goldilocks moment - it had me at hello.  It was perfect.  I fell for its comfortable sitting experience.  It's looks. And it's colour.  Neutral.

Since then I've searched 2 stores in the UK.  And 2 stores in Denmark.  Searched hopefully online - UK, Denmark and their HQ Swedish site.  All of them countless times.  
Each time I've found the chair in other colours 
but not neutral, the colour I crave.

Sometimes I thought I'd imagined it, but then I found a photo of me sitting in this very armchair in this very Rennes store, 3 years ago.  I reasoned that it must have been an introductory one-off.

But no!  It was there today.  In the Rennes store.  Blatantly available in this colour.   You see, the thing is that only France seems to sell it in the neutral fabric.  Both in-store and on-line.  Why?!!

I checked the flat pack dimensions.  It's a huge box.  
We didn't have room for it in the bloomin' car!

And on that bombshell, peeps,

A la bloomin' perchoine!


  1. How annoying, to put it mildly. If it were me I'd feel better if it hadn't been available still.

    1. Yes, Anna, it still being there is rather cruel :-(

  2. IKEA in the Netherlands have this chair in yellow, green, dark grey and very light grey so I couldn't bring one back with me either when I visit next time...lo siento!! xx

    1. No te preocupes, Duchesse, think it's going to be France or nothing.