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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Jour #3 - Desperately Seeking Merlin

And so the bad selfies keep coming ...

Actually, I think I prefer me in soft focus.  

Without the wrinkles!

 So again today I give you another OOTD in two halves.  Head.

And the rest.

I took this Next top and shorts, shown more  clearly here and here, to

Now, I need to be totally up front with you, dear reader.  Only visit this place of rest if Merlin is truly big in your life.  
Because the visit involves tracking down an un-signposted car park, then a 2 km walk from there through a poorly signed forest.  We found two arrows in 2km of meandering pathway; each sign was about 2cm square and painted discretely on stone.  In a dark forest.  The more critical of the two painted on the side of the stone NOT facing the oncoming Merlin-seeker.  

We met lost French Merlin-seekers.  We talked, the way strangers of mixed tongues communicate and instantly befriend each other in times of crisis.  We formed a gang, safety in numbers.  Together, by instinct rather than signage, we found our way out of the forest and to another car park.  At the side of a road.  Just 100 metres for Merlin's Tomb.  We crossed the road and made our our way to 

Merlin's tomb.  Where he is buried.  Allegedly.

And then 400 metres further down a track

to the fountain of Bereton, where Merlin met Viviane.  Allegedly.

Merlin is also buried in several places in England.  Allegedly.
He really should have documented his whereabouts in a diary.
Or kept a blog.

We had planned to go on to The Church of the Holy Grail after the tomb.  
It started to rain.  As we walked the two kilometres through forest showers back to our car park, we met more lost French Merlin seekers.  They asked anxiously if we had found the tomb.  We gave them directions and helpfully informed them of our findings.

During that wet walk back and after due reflection of what we had just experienced, we decided to give the church a miss.

As I say, you really do have to be a big Merlin fan to want to hunt down the spot where he was buried.  Allegedly.
Alternatively, just use the closer car park!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh dear, PP. It sounds like your nav lady is doing the same to you as she did to me whilst driving down to St Malo, sending me along C roads whilst being able to see those lucky drivers who were organised enough to set their satnavs on motorways instead! Before starting my journey back I changed the settings to motorways ánd changed to a male voice. Unfortunately my satnav man doesn't like motorways as his voice sounded like someone who really couldn't give a hoot and, every time he spoke I expected him to say...."here we go again, yawn, yawn, another motorway!" I have now changed back to my trusted satnav lady again!! I hope you manage to change the settings so that you can take motorways on the way back! Enjoy the wedding celebrations! xx

    1. Thanks, Duchesse, it's good to hear we're not alone with those annoying satnav gadgets. Sorry to hear you've bee experiencing frustrations too.

  2. I have a nav man. A new Zealand nav man. Yes I reprogrammed my sat nav. I love those shorts and top on you. It works really well.

    1. I wish we could reprogramme our lady, she's getting worse with each day.
      That's for your nice comments about the shorts. I think they're my fave.