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Monday, 22 August 2016

Jour #5

Hi peeps. 
Hope you've had a super weekend and if you're back home, I hope the gales haven't left you with missing bits of roof or uprooted trees.

Here's the chateau we checked into yesterday to enjoy our little bit of luxury.

Chateau de la Goujonnerie.
This place is amazing!
I'll give you more pics of it when I get home and start The Big Cameras Download.

These chateau people are so friendly.  The Boss Invited us for aperos which we just about squeezed in before the 25th Eve BBQ. As I'm learning Swedish and The Boss is a Swede, I wasted no time in using him as a guinea pig for my clumsy attempts at the language.

  Still more bad pics.  I'm really sorry.  But I'm posting despite serious tech constraints so please be kind to me :-).

  Anyway, as the BBQ was an evening affair, I dressed a little more warmly wearing my old faithfuls, a Next black modal long sleeved top and grey Peacock jeans.  Here's a glimpse of the top above that I took before the aperos.  You'll have to trust me on the rest, the aperos kinda took over :-).

Day #5 gave us the opportunity to walk around the chateau grounds, taking in all the beauty before tucking into a tres French brekkie with the lovely guests.  During our stay, we got on particularly well with a Dutch guest - what is this affinity I have with Dutch people?!  Of course, he was pelted with the limited amount of Dutch I have in my arsenal.  He also spoke a bit of Swedish.  Can you imagine it - a Dutchman and an English-speaker using Swedish as a common language.  What are we like, eh?!!

I'll cover the main event, the 25th day to evening party when I download my photos back home.  We had a ball!

I wore this dress.  Pictures of that worn on party day coming soon on a blog near you!

I leave you with a sneaky preview of the quirky and stylish 

Chateau de la Goujeonniere here. here

Thank you for following me on my little trip through France.
I'm humbled.

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh wow! That chateau looks amazing! Your so fortunate to be able to spend some time there!

    1. Hi Amy,
      How lovely to hear from you.
      Just wait till you see the pics I have to post, soon. It's a-maz-ing. Watch this space!