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Thursday 25 August 2016

Jour #8 - Desperately Seeking Home!

Last day in France, peeps.  And last French holiday daily post for you, you'll probably be relieved to hear!  I set myself a challenge to post daily on holiday, I hope it hasn't been too tedious for you.
 Back to normal technology now. And 'normal' posts!
Back to lovely family and friends.  And a demanding garden.  And cat!

So.  Time to leave.  On a very hot day.


Flowery top (in sale) over white shorts, both Dotty P.
I have never worn shorts as much as on this holiday!

The Breakfast

As well as all the lovely fresh products for brekkie, today's treat was sort of drop-scone pancakes.

Yesterday's was crepes.

Ouch, that sun!

Fresh croissant are always laid out on the tables. 
They seem to taste so much better in when baked by French bakers.

We pass on the brioche, cake and crepes de jour but do enjoy a croissant :-)

and can never resist their creamy scrambled eggs

and their thinly sliced bacon.

The Apology

Now I have an apology to make.  To the Peugeot Chocolate Teapot sat nav lady.
We realised this morning that because of the v. bad digital display the poor lady has been given by naughty Peugeot, we had not selected Her for 'fastest route' as we thought we had.  We corrected Her and lo, she gave us a pleasant and speedy journey from Rennes to St Malo.
We have endured such horrid journeys, not our fault, not Hers.  Peugeot's bad choice of system instal.  But we now see that she can at least get us from A to B by the fastest route.
So, apologies to Barbara in Canada - yes, she was programmed incorrectly!

The Ferry Home

We'd left the chateau early to allow for Her usual shenanigans.  But, of course, she behaved impeccably and got us to the harbour in lightning speed.
So there was a long wait until the ferry docked.  On time.

And then a long wait until all travellers disembarked.
And then finally we were onboard and leaving pretty St Malo behind.

The pretty medieval walled town of St Malo.

A bientot.

Until the next time.

A la prochaine.

Or should I say,
A la perchoine.

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