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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Jour #6 - Un Jour Parfait!

Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 ... something missing?
Oh dear, bit of holiday madness - I forgot to press 'publish' on Day 6.  So, I now give you #6.  After #7!

My holiday is nearly over :-(.
I'm so thankful to you for sticking with me through the bad OOTD selfies and limited availability of just about everything techy!

Once more, dear friend - The Head.

And the rest.

And with apologies, a lurking Photographer.

Oh these pics are getting worse by the day, eh?!!
But for what it's worth, I'm wearing a Peacocks stripey t-shirt, Dotty P linen white shorts and Next navy mix cardi.

Yesterday started fabulously.  The sun was shining and the weather had started to warm up again.
After another super breakfast of fresh melon,  croissant and creamy fruit yoghurt, one of the lovely Chateau ladies took us on an indoors tour before we left.  Wow!  I loved the place and am longing to post you some pics soon. It's perfect.

We mapped out our journey but of course Madame le Pot de Te du Chocolat* started taking us along a crazy route again.  So we stopped in a car park and worked out a sensible route from where we were parked.  With a combination of map, scrap of paper with scribbled key route points, road signs and sometimes Her, we made our destination in an acceptable time a few hours later.  Perfect.

* we call her much worse, but that's the name we're giving her in polite conversation!

And oh joy!  For when we arrived at

Chateau d'Apigne,

the receptionist just about managed to squeeze us in for a fabulous lunch, even though the kitchen had closed by the time we arrived.  That's one of the things that brings us back to this beautiful chateau, the staff bend over backwards for their clients.

The chateau's restaurant was filled French families, a lovely atmosphere.  We were the only foreigners.  You always know the food will be good when it has such strong local patronage.

First course was the best crayfish I have EVER tasted, second course was the best lobster I have EVER tasted, and I passed on third course. Pigeon.  Nuff said. 
Now the creamed rice pudd was very good but not as good as mine (note to self, post recipe) but it was served beautifully with a load of fancy chocolate work, raspberries, so maybe I should up my game a bit - I usually just serve mine with cinnamon sugar or some cherries and almonds, if I'm pushing the boat out!

All this yumminess was washed down with a bottle of pouilly fume and later, a double espresso.  
The meal in one word?  Perfect.

And then, we enjoyed what we'd planned.  A good post-drive relax (a a bit of blog writing!) before a leisurely evening walk through the grounds and an evening coffee in the bar.  No more food for us.  Obviously.  Not after THAT lunch!

This day was all about getting to our next destination without getting wound up by Madame and then starting to wind down before going home.  And that is what we did.

What a lovely, fresh, light-touch room.

Relaxing.  Winding down.  Taking time to stop and admire the curtains! 


A la perchoine.

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