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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Le Pout en Vacances - Jour #1

I'm en vacances!

This holiday I am even more technologically challenged than my last trip. It's gonna be a cocktail of bad OOTD selfies, what pics I can scavenge and sometimes shorter posts - hurrah I hear some of you shout!  But I hope you will bear with me on this one.

Waiting to board the ferry in the car, with my Le Mouche look and wearing a Marks black modal vest, beige chinos and Birkies.  You'll have to trust me on that, the OOTD selfie I took didn't work out.

The ferry took us here, to St Malo in Brittany.  En vacances en France!
We enjoyed a  beautifully pretty and smooth crossing.

And after a couple of hours driving due south, our GPS attempted to take us down impossibly impassable miniscule cobbled hilled lanes here in Rochefort en Terre.

After a hairy attempt at following our GPS instructions, a 28 point turn in an area the size of a postage stamp and a subsequent emergency pow wow, we went off-piste and found our way safely to our destination under our own steam.

Top tip, ignore GPS instructions which attempt to take you through this pretty village in summer - most of the streets are cordoned off as it's traffic-less during daytime. Our GPS didn't know that!

Our destination: staying in one of our friend's gites in a wooded lake area just outside the village.  I have some lovely pics of it to show you when I get back.

After a long and leisurely catch up with our friends over a late candlelit supper on the dark terrace and rather a lot of the local red, I slept like a baby. 

A la perchoine.


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    1. Oh yes, there. IS a pout! You see, that's why my friends have teased me about it. Mirror or camera, and I pout for it.