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Saturday 13 August 2016

Outfit Changes and Perseids

Just how many outfit changes does it take before PP leaves the house? 
Well, seems to be three at the last count.  But I say, when in doubt, go for safety.

On Thursday evening, my Dutch friend and I were both meeting up with girlfriends - different friends, different restaurants.

(apologies on behalf of my hair, it was trimmed the following day!)

Marianne looks super-fresh in her lime tunic.  I tried (yet again) getting out the door in this old Per Una turquoise tunic.  I've made it out the door with it on just the once.  But Thursday wasn't the once.
There's something about it I just don't like.  Sorry turquoise tunic, you and I just don't gel.

Then I tried on this green H&M blousey-thing bought in Denmark recently.  Not keen.  So this didn't make it out the door with me either and its tags are still clinging on for dear life.

You see, I went for safety.  With my stripey linen-mix Magasin top also bought in Copenhagen.

It's comfortable.  It's unassuming.  It's so casual.

And I am so glad that I made the final switch before leaving the house ...

.... because there was quite a breeze at the Cobo Bay Terrace ...

... coming off this sea.

I was so pleased that I'd made that last minute safety-switch as I was able to sling on my H&M denim shirt as a warm layer around my shoulders.
You just never can tell with British summer weather, eh?

But brrrrreeze or not, it was a beautiful summer's evening.

Yes, the palm trees were swaying a little

but the triffid-style heater was there to keep this pensioner warm.
And yes, I did stay up late enough to see a pretty sunset.  But by then I was way into chatting mode and forgot to get snapping!

Dutchie stayed out much longer than me and when she got home the other side of midnight, she was able to enjoy a wonderful meteor shower in the clear night sky from her bathroom window. 
It would seem that Dutch skies are light-polluted and such displays are not visible. 
You learn something every day. eh?

Perseids Meteor Shower 2016

Perseids Meteor Shower 2016

This year's shower was abundant, it would seem.  Up to 150-200 meteors per hour.  Marianne caught about 25 meteors.  Which seems more satisfying that catching Pok√©mon, eh?

Do you get to catch any meteors?

A la perchoine.


  1. Great blog again, Nice to have seen the process of writing them whilst I was in Guernsey! I also feel very special to have featured in a couple of blogs last week; a little bit of attention goes a long way, doesn't it? Thanks so much for your hospitality (second to none, as usual). I call it my 'home away from home'; no hotel can compete! Next time I'm hoping to get to sample more of your delicious cooking skills again! A la prochaine. xxx

    1. Thank you, La Duchesse, it was an absolute pleasure as always!

  2. I like the khaki I have to say. Per Una I find often too flouncy. I think the khaki is a nice shape on you.

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for your input. Yes, flouncy. That's why I don't like it and there are few PU things I do like, maybe for that same reason. I'll give that khaki one another go when I get back.

    2. Maybe don't bulk it with a top underneath. You may get a second wind with it and see it as you did when you tried it on in the shop.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks for that wise tip, Anna, I'll give that a go.