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Tuesday 30 August 2016

Mellow Yellow, Encore Une Fois

I never thought myself as a yellow sort of gal.  
I made a yellow gingham skirt and shell top when I was 12-13 for my school prize giving.  I bought a yellow sweat shirt in the mid 80s to play skittles.  And I think that's it.

Then this yellow print dress here sneaked in to my wardrobe.  It could have been a one-off, a blip, as I don't normally wear yellow, as you can tell from my 50 year history with the colour.
But then that little dress was joined this year by a yellow cardi and vest, details here.
And now I'm sold on the colour.

I can start the day with the vest (Next) and white shorts (Dotty P), leaving Chateau de la Goujonnerie.  Feeling fresh for travelling.

Then at the end of the day, switch the shorts for white jeans, add the cardi, change to metallic toe flatties

And I'm ready to walk the grounds of Chateau d'Apigne, enjoying the evening sun.

Still feeling fresh in the colour.  Summery.

Yellow makes me smile.

Weirdly, yellow makes me feel lady-like.

Yes.  Me.  Lady-like!

This outfit makes he feel like I'm on holiday.

I'm on holiday each time I wear it.

So, ladies, what's your view on yellow?
Does the colour do it for you?
Or is it a non-non?

A la perchoine.


  1. Like you i discovered yellow recently. I bought two tops last year in yellow and do enjoy wearing them. It's a more versatile colour than I first imagined.

    1. Yes, how weird is that, Anna. I too thought I'd set myself a real challenge but yellow slots in so nicely with a whole range of colours.