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Sunday 7 August 2016

Shedding and Shorts

Shorts.  Not a lot to say really.

Beige chinos from Next, details as per here,

I wanted to show you others, just for your amusement, but they haven't arrived.  So you still have a few laughs to come!

Do I have the legs for shorts? No.
Are shorts comfortable.  Yes.

Pretty much 'end of' really.

Went hunting for sheds here.

Liked this summer house.

Liked this potting shed.

Liked this playhouse.

All of the above are impractical.

I should be looking for something like this.  Totally practical.

In the cold light of today, I think I would prefer to move to a house with a ready-built shed!

Or hide myself away in this little guard's shed.   Isn't it cute?

Anyway, when in doubt, do nothing.  But just maybe go surfing a few estate agents' sites for small houses with small gardens but gi-normous sheds!!!

After the trauma of shed hunting, Marianne borrowed a cycle and helmet and biked off to the Rocquaine Regatta.  Doesn't she look co-ordinated, the helmet totally matches her cycling outfit.  Or did she choose her outfit to match the helmet?  We may never know.

Then later, chips on the beach.  It's a bit of a tradition.  We do this each time our friend visits. It was a gorgeous evening so the timing was perfect. And they were yummy!

Do you like fish and chips?  With or without vinegar? Or do you find them far too greasy?

And that was Saturday done, peeps.  Thanks for popping in.  Next time you pop in I may just be posting from my cute little guard's shed!

A la perchoine.


  1. Replies
    1. Fortunately not, Anna, I've got shedloads of those back home!

  2. Yes chips, I love chips with salt and vinegar... yum..Jacqui

  3. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks for popping in. Oh joy, a fellow vinegar lover. I like mine swimming in the stuff and take my own Sarsons bottle with me!

  4. With short legs that are mottled and veiny shorts are not my best look...I do wear skorts though when it is hot and we are boating. Love a long loose dress that allows for air flow on a hot summer day....especially if the fabric is linen or bamboo!

    1. Add fat to the short and veiny mix and technically I should be banned from wearing shorts! I'm toying with a skort for summer golf but not having played netball for 20 years, a short skirt variation needs serious thinking time as my hubby says my legs are also "creased", his choice of word!