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Saturday 6 August 2016

Friday Night Celebrating With Friends!

Hi peeps, thanks for popping in.  Can you believe it?  Here we are again, Friday night!
Even though my Working Girl past is way behind me, I still feel something exciting in the air late Friday afternoons.  Time to party! Feeling like I need a little bit of pensioner fun.
 I usually like to do something come Friday evening.  it just feels so right.
But before the night comes the day and, as usual, Friday started with an early morning round of golf.  Then breaking with routine, a quick clean up of the house before driving to the harbour to collect my special Dutch friend, Marianne.  She's staying with me for a week.
You've seen Marianne on previous posts back in March, like here when she joined me in Sussex.
Here doing my Sandie Shaw, I wore a Next linen mix yellow floral shift dress for the harbour trip. 
Needless to say, there was lots of catching up to do. 
 And she knows how to spoil me, just look at my goodies from Holland!
I love Wohnen!  It's a filled with Dutch house style pics.  I'm a big fan.
Is there any particular country's d├ęcor style that you like, apart from that of your own home country?
And then Friday night out!  Wearing the black version of the Next linen mix dress (SS15).
Here I wore a mix of turquoise jewellery and some little black and diamante sandals with a tiny graduated wedge heel; caSS03!
 I love this style of dress as it's so easy to wear, just a simple slip on and job done.  It's cool in hot weather as it's nicely loose around the middle.  This dress is so versatile, as black dresses usually are, and can be notched up or down with accessories.
Do you wear black dresses in summer?
And here's Marianne, looking so smart-casual!  White trousers with a mottled print cardi in black/grey/ecru.  She looks lovely, eh?

We were invited round to our over-the-fence neighbours.  Some chilled sparkly pink out in the evening sun.  That's my garden over the fence!  Not far to go home, eh?  No need for a taxi.
A super salmon parcel and a tasty pea shoot garnish.  Lovely fresh, delicate flavours. 
Served with a chilled pinot grigio.  In a Transylvania glass!  Brought back from Romania. 
Can you make out the black bats? 
 Lamb tagine, some fancy couscous mix, fruity braised red cabbage and a mix of beans bought at the farmer's market a few hours before.  Yummy!

And here it all goes a bit crazy.
Strawberry meringues dipped in chocolate, fresh raspberries from the farmer's market, rhubarb from their garden served as a compote with a marscapone and ginger topping ...
... and as if we weren't already spoilt for choice, a super-citrusey lemon meringue pie!
My neighbour is a superb cook and she and her husband are the best host and hostess team.
Thank you neighbours, we had a super evening.

And this glass is for you!
For after the long journey home :-), I checked my blog and saw that I'd reached a milestone for my blog in terms of page reads.
I raise this glass to you, my very dear readers.  Thank you for popping in to see me. 
I am so very thrilled that you enjoy reading my posts.
I'm still a rookie and after six months of posting, I continue feeling my way through the blogisphere but hope that my mix of pics n snippets in some small way serves to brightens your day. 
Thank you for your sweet comments, I love to hear from you, to find out a little more about you and what you're up to. .I feel privileged and humbled that you spare me some of your previous time.
I was so happy to celebrate this special Friday night with you too!!!
A la perchoine.


  1. I'd like to go to a neighbour like that to eat but be in fear of the return standard I'd have to keep up.

  2. Hi Anna, you're bang-on there. Crazily, I found myself inviting them back to mine over the bank holiday when a friend of theirs (whom we've met before) next visits. Panic!

    1. Hope it's bbq weather. That's a good solution.

    2. Thanks for the tip, sausages and burgers coming up, then!

  3. The foodie pics are making my mouth water!
    Yummy looking dinners...lucky you to be feted by the neighbours too.

    1. Sorry to tease you with food pics right now! Luckily for me, my neighbour loves cooking.

    2. Sorry to tease you with food pics right now! Luckily for me, my neighbour loves cooking.