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Sunday 19 March 2017

Test Driving Pink, Blue and White

I'm a bit of a style thief. Sometimes I steal even the simplest of looks. 
Perhaps that indicates I have little imagination to put together even the most basic of outfits. 
Perhaps it just indicates that my needs are simple.

Those readers who've got familiar with my blog will know that I can often be found on the Woolovers website (no surprise!). 
Womens Lightweight Linen Blend Rolled Edge Cardigan 
And there I recently found this pink cardi here, teamed with a white top and blue jeans. 

So I decided to test-drive the look by shopping from my wardrobe. 
I found a pink slouchy cardi from Primani, with a Next top and lift-and-sculpt jeans.

Nothing fashionista about the look.
 But it's a nice, simple, everyday look that appealed to my nice, simple, everyday mind and lifestyle.

And now, if I find I want to wear this look more than once I may just buy the cardi!

Creating a look you've been inspired by, using similar pieces you already have allows you to try out the style to find out if it looks or feels right on you before you commit your pensioner pennies.
You may then decide that the purchase is right for you.
You may even find that what you already have isn't so tired or tatty after all!

A la perchoine.


  1. Woo lovers? No, autocorrect I meant Woolovers.... I love that site

    1. Ahhh autocorrect, don't you just love it ...
      Woo lovers - copyright that quickly as a dating site, Stephanie!

    2. I am going on the Woolovers site right now - so long since I had a trawl! Looking pretty in pink as usual Mrs B x

    3. Thanks, sweet Niddy. Woolovers isn't quite as it was since they've gone "big" and I have needed to send things back of late so let me know how you get on, eh.

  2. I have such a treat for you woolovers lovers later today on my Anna mutton blog.
    Is that the primani cardi that I bought and show cased a few weeks ago? Great spring look. Thefted well.

    1. No tea-leafing here! I've had mine a year or so and posted navy and pink through 2016 :-).

    2. You know how much of a big fan I am of Woolovers. Plus that blush pink is one of my favourite colours. It's a great idea to try similar before you buy though.
      Thank you so much for linking up to Celebrating Style Mary xx

    3. Hi Laurie, I love pink too but with a hint of blue in it, which seems to work with my skin tone. There's a pink out there for us all but it's a colour we have to tread carefully with to the right tone.