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Sunday 26 March 2017

Being ... Une Femme

I am really in a thieving mood right now! Some serious larceny is occurring on this blog.

I frequently visit Une Femme here.  Une Femme, a.k.a. Susan, is a lovely American lady who puts together some stylish yet simple outfits for everyday wear.  Her travel packing posts make are my essential pre-holiday reads.
This outfit was inspired by a woman I noticed on the street. It was a simple and comfortable look, yet very chic. | une femme d'un certain âge:

I loved the simplicity of this outfit which she put together recently.  I would instinctively put gray jeans with gray cardi, but I think the idea of black pants puts some zest into the pairing.  It looks somehow perkier, fresher, perhaps frenchier!
So, liking this gray and black mix, your serial larcenist got going! 
I tried to tell myself I was sourcing inspiration rather than plain stealing, so I varied it a little with what I had to hand. 

I accessorised my outfit with a pearl pendant - such a subtle variation!
And her black pants are more slouchy than my black jeans, but I was just seeking inspiration.
(Oh shucks, I just spotted that I should have worn brown boots!)

But there were no delicious red nails or chunky purse per Une Femme as I didn't have either.
And then came a scarf.  Of course I had to add one.  Une Femme lives in California (permanent UK summer temps), I am in currently in Sussex (UK spring temps, winter temps = same difference).

That was Steal No. 1.  And because Une Femme had fired me up and I was cooking on high octane ...

I decided on yet another steal - again, this outfit is so stylish in its simplicity.
I like how the gray jeans seem to soften the black of the rest of the outfit.
In fact, that pairing seems to have the opposite effect of Steal No. 1.

I had similar "ingredients" in my wardrobe here to make up the "recipe".
I didn't have the jewelry layers on the day, but next day I did manage to find some thrift store necklaces (r/h pic).

(See how the scarf colours blend with the jacket lining!)

Now, I don't have a blazer over here (stop press: but I do now, I've been shopping!). 
So I had to go off-piste a little with the outerwear.  My old quilted black jacket stepped in, which was probably a good idea as we are not enjoying any California temps right now - I can but dream ... do some California Dreaming maybe?

And of course I had to wear warmer Chelsea boots, it was not a day for fancy cut-out bits.

I was happy with my Being ... Une Femme outfits, bearing in mind our "spring" weather and the limitations of my current travel capsule.  I like her style, so expect more "thieving"!
So thank you for your inspiration,  Une Femme!

And whilst we're on the subject of spring and capsules, look what Une Femme has gone and done

spring travel wardrobe for Europe

She's only gone and tempted me with this little spring capsule.  I think I have most of these ingredients to cook up these little dishes too.
Oh when will this thieving inspiration end ... ?

A la perchoine.

p.s.  Not content with style thievery, I've tried my hand at American spelling too - thoro huh?
p.p.s.  I've now shopped for another Une Femme signature outfit piece - wait and see what that is!


  1. Love what you have done with this thievery. All so very wearable. The first outfit with the necklace, white tee and great cardigan looks fantastic on you.

  2. Christy, thanks for your lovely words! It was my fave of the two, the colours together crisp things up. So wearable, which is what Susan does so well.

  3. I particularly love the black top grey jeans look. Really chic. I think because it's just two colours. The first is also a great casual outfit. I need to look up une femme.

    1. Aw thanks, Anna. Une Femme was one of the first blogs I followed, she comes up with some great looks.

  4. Thanks so much for the outfit homage! I love your interpretations, and they're good examples of how to translate a look you love with pieces you own. Well played!

    1. So sweet, Susan, thank you. That was exactly what was aiming for, seeing something I let then thinking, hey, I have the wherewithal to put that together. However, I have strayed and have since shopped for a style of yours that I've been admiring for about a year, will post shortly on that! So thanks for your on going inspiration.

  5. Also wanted to say, that scarf is gorgeous and looks great with your coloring.

    1. Thanks, Susan, it goes everywhere with me as it has my key wardrobe colours, black, grey, taupe, pink and ivory.

  6. You can't beat these classic colours. Easy tailoring that comes to life with different accessories. You look fab here Mary xx

    1. Oh so sweet of you to say that, Laurie, I think I learned some lessons in light-touch through this exercise.