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Friday, 10 March 2017

A Sunday Birthday Lunch

 A family birthday lunch.  What to wear?  I went for smart comfort.  Always do, don't I?

Well, the "good" news is that I broke my cycle of several weeks, getting out of Peacock jeans and into a skirt for a change.  I'm loving those jeans so much that I'm finding it difficult to think of a different bottom half.  They've become like a second skin!
The "bad" news is that I drifted towards Woolovers.  Again.  When will this end? Spring, maybe.

I wore the side-button cashmere merino jumper in a light grey to deliver my pressies.  For accessories I chose a grey taupe glass bead necklace from N St J Paint. earrings from Claudia Bradbury (which you have no chance of seeing with all that hair!) and a grey Wink leather bracelet.

The Zara leoprint scarf and black Gabor boots finished off the OOTD.

As overwear, my Zara ecru jacardi.

But then I peeped out the window and saw it was raining.  So I switched to my M&S raincoat.  And then I went out the front door and the heavens opened.  Back into the house to grab my MS rainhat.
And yes, there is a bit of "a sack tied up in the middle" effect with the belting on the raincoat, but did I care?  No I did not, I wanted to stay dry and warm.

We met up at Hotel Jerbourg.
It's set on a cliff top, facing south to the sea.  I took some shots on arrival, but although the rain had cleared by the time we arrived, it was a bit hazy so the views weren't that clear.

A lovely cliff path runs along past the hotel.  It's a beautiful area for walking. But I was wearing heeled boots, so no walking for this Pout!

Step away from the Petanque too, Pout - heeled boots, remember?

Dining with a cliff-top sea view; the carvery.
The lovely little birthday person excitedly opened his pressies, which he was so pleased with.
And now, food shots warning, peeps.

Yummy crab and prawn thermidor, the flavour was pretty perfect; The Photographer's scallops.

My Big Fat Carvery. Kinda embarrassing, eh?  A bit of an unnecessary waste of food resources, I admit, but half went back as it was it was just a little too much for this Pensioner's tummy.
And the naughty stuff!!! Oh, the pastries, cakes, pies, tarts and cheesecakes on display which are offered for pudd were just off the Richter scale.  No photos, that would be too painful for us all! 
Obviously I would have been silly to even attempt a nibble at one.  But I have made a mental note to self to return for a coffee and cake ... very soon!

So my dears, that was my lovely lunch with lovely family celebrating a lovely little boy's birthday.
 Hotel Jerbourg for Sunday lunch - highly recommended; please visit if you're in the area.
And I leave you with this photo I found on the hotel's website.  Some Guernsey cows.  Pretty, huh?
They are quite simply the best dairy cow in the entire world!  The milk is so creamy, so yellow ...

Hotel Jerbourg Gallery.

A la perchoine.


  1. I think grey and taupe is so chic and especially when accessorised with presents. People who come to my house should accessorise that way I feel. Looks like you had a grand day.

  2. Mouth is watering! I normally have a Sunday roast every Sunday but it's just been chips and peas for me today! Our holiday is now cancelled, and can you believe it my partners mother is now in hospital as well as the father in law. One thing I have to say is how much we have in common Mary, regarding all our clothing and accessories. I love the Claudia Bradbury brand too. I worked with them last year. (A little secret for you) I had lunch with Claudia in the week at the Woolesley. It was amazing! Claudia is launching a new collection of Aquamarines very soon. Grey and Black really suit you too. Grey is one of my most favourite colours. Thank you for linking up to Celebrating Style xx

    1. So sorry to hear that, Laurie, hugs to your partner.
      I loved peas and chips as a child so I see no hardship in that! Lucky you to work with Claudia, I love her stylish simplicity. To tell me we have similar tastes is a great compliment!! Thank you for popping in, appreciate life must be fraught right now.

  3. What sumptuous food - I'm a real foodie fan - I live to eat! Your Zara coatigan is gorgeous, the colour lifts the grey, shame about the weather! Hope you had a great time Mary. Jacqui

    1. Hi Jacqui, the food's looking so huge on the plates, I hope my osteopath never gets to read my blog! Yeah, shame about the sea mist but it got so much worse during last week.
      I'm loving that ecru coloured jacardi.