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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Being ... Anna

When reflecting on 2016 I decided that I'd like to continue my Being ...  series into 2017.
In 2016 I'd been Nora, I'd been Jane.  I'd found that hiding behind the Being ... exercise gave me the confidence to try out new looks. 
And now here we are, practically through the third month of the year
and how many Beings ... have I done?  Zilch!
I need to address this slovenliness.   Let's start by Being ... Anna.

So what's Anna about? Well, it would seem we have quite a bit in common.

We share boots.  The dependable bendables from Clarks.
We share a jumper.  A chunky ecru knit from M&S, ca 2015.

(Now, a lot of Anna's OOTD shots are taken in her kitchen.  It is perhaps where she has her best sill-fie sill. I am nothing if not thorough, so here I am kitchen-posing for authenticity.)

But it goes deeper than boots and a woollie jumper. 

We share our love of the Primani slouch cardi, hers and mine here in Pink.
(Anna's grey below, my Navy here.)

We share a love of the grey cardi, though Anna pampers hers with Spa weeks, mine gets tough love.

We are fans of the leoprint scarf, which we agree provides an instant "lift" to an outfit.

We both like the biker jacket.

I jumped to steal her idea of a furry scarf for indoor wear.

 And the belted third piece trickery I'd recently discovered was something that Anna had already, well, got under her belt.
Anna's all about the challenges too.  Se likes to set them.
I often respond.    Anna says "jump", The Pout asks "how high?"

 I wouldn't have graced the world with my legs in shorts had it not been for an Anna challenge, though that may not have been Anna's finest hour - you have seen my legs?


My attempt at her Pearls and Plaid challenge was a little gentler on the eye :-).

And talking of eyes, this cardi seems to have a trickery of its own.  I saw jade, Anna saw me completing her teal challenge.  So we don't always see eye to eye on colour.

I cheated on the t shirt and jeans challenge (not my finest hour) then quickly remedied my misdemeanour.

 My introduction to her blog was via selfie sticks.  I wasn't too familiar with their work.

I imagined an off-photo blackboard.  Soon Anna discovered the sill-fie and my OOTD classes became a thing of the past.
(Me wearing yet another Primani slouch, in black and using a clothes prop as my selfie stick)

So what do we have in common, Anna and I?
Yes, we are frequent wearers of cardis (notably grey) and scarves (notably leoprint).
But apart from all of the above, what has struck me when putting together this compilation is that we often choose similar poses for similar outfits - how spooky is that?!

It is no surprise that we are self-declared twins, separated at birth ... and by about 20 years.
I feel sorry for our mother, that was some labour!

Do you have a blog twin?  One with whom you have an affinity, for styles, colours, outfits, clothing?

A la perchoine.


  1. Thank you. I hadn't realised quite how alike. I suppose that's why it took me so long to be Mary on purpose. So many outfits are being but are 'am' anyway.

    1. Aren't being. Darn autocorrect. That's another twin thing.

    2. I started having great fun putting this together as the similarities started rolling out. As you say (despite bloomin autocorrect) it's difficult to contrive when you "are" - the only thing I contrived on this post is the clothes prop!

  2. Such a fun post. Yes, I would say you two have so much in common. I love everything you're wearing. Scarves and cardigans are a woman's best friend in my opinion!

    1. Thank you, sweet Amy. You know, you are so right about scarves and cardis!