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Thursday 16 March 2017

I Try A Head-to-toe Selfie

I read a fair few blogs and I've formed the view that you're not a proper blogger until you've posted the OOTD selfie. You know, the one where a selfie is taken from the neck downwards.

Well, I felt drawn to trying one, as a sort of blogger's rite of passage.  

But I just had to add a head to my outfit selfie, otherwise it seemed a bit weird.  A bit suspect.  It's like the blogger (me) is conveniently hiding the fact that they (I) were (was) wearing no make up and their (my) hair looked a mess.

What resulted was Gandalfian.  See for yourself ...

Well, I thought it was funny!
It's like a blogger's identikit.

I'm now in Sussex for a few weeks.  I'll keep posting,
And normal picture service will be resumed shortly.

A la perchoine.


  1. You look lovely, and the black and white works so well with your silver hair! I still can't get the hang of these kinds of selfies either. Much easier to do in a mirror!

    1. Hi Susan, welcome! I felt I needed to post one of those blogger selfies, a sort of initiation ceremony! Thanks for your kind words.