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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Late Winter Wardrobe Recap - An Evolving 18 Piece Capsule

Hi peeps.  As I've been posting pics recently I realised that a capsule wardrobe was evolving. 
So I did a little recap on what I've worn for the past weeks. 

 The ecru jacardi came out to play recently, as did my light raincoat - spring must be on the way.

I went all Left Bank wearing top to toe black.

I went quite pure in winter white.  And black.

Ivory and black found a perfect union in a stripey cardi.
I became quite monochromatic at one stage.

Then black joined with taupe.

Taupe then went and had some fun with grey.

Taupe fooled around with some brown too.

And there was a lot of grey.  I had a bit of a greyscape going on for a while.

Grey was lifted by Ivory and then my needle seemed to be stuck there for a while.

Needs must - on cold days the ivory and grey Sarah Lund jumper got rolled out.

And very occasionally, some colour burst through.  Royal blue and mauve.  Both worn once.

Ignoring these two random colours, I realised a little capsule had evolved, effortlessly, with these 
18 items and I could get so many more outfits from this suite of pieces.

I exclude outerwear, footwear and scarves - bloggers always seem to exclude those and it makes the numbers look so much better, so I'm sticking to that golden blogger's capsule rule.
So, retrospectively, I give you my 18 piece capsule for late winter. 
Ok, it's heavily knitwear-biaised but knitwear suits my lifestyle and my preference right now.
And if I add the royal blue and mauve tops, I'm only at 20 items, and those would mix and match so well.  I could have so much fun making up more outfits.   But you may get a little bored ...

A year ago I took up an 18 piece capsule challenge.  But in this recap I've realised that realistically, 18 -20 pieces is what seems to come naturally.  I don't find capsules restrictive or formulaic, they can come about on autopilot.  It's how one dresses instinctively.  In my view.  With hindsight.

Have you looked back on what you've worn lately?  If not, do you think that instinctively you too may just have kept to a naturally evolving capsule?

And now I have to put together a travel capsule.  An IRL capsule for a trip to the mainland.
One that has to fit into a little carry-on.  I will take inspiration from this post.  Wish me luck!

A la perchoine.


  1. My capsule is interrupted by the work week, which is a capsule in its own right. I will do a similar post. I think it's useful to look back to in when preparing for next winter. You've got some lovely looks here that you can use again.

  2. This photo record is a useful tool in several sartorial spheres, e.g. packing for Sussex in Spring (just arrived today). Looking forward to reading your post.
    The working wardrobe is why I entered retirement with so many suits and evening and cocktail dresses! My top buying tip is to apply the test "will I in some way be able to wear this outside of an office/posh do environment in retirement?" If only I'd come up with the test back then!

  3. Love the navy blue top on you.

    1. Aw, thanks, Polly. It was a sales buy and I'm so looking forward to wearing it in spring. Oh, I think that's maybe now!

  4. All these looks are absolutely stunning! Wow! I love them all! You and I have never done a capsule wardrobe.

    1. You are too kind, Amy.
      What I realised from the recap is that we capsule without planning it!

  5. I love the Cream coat! I know that my staple or some would call mistake is the monochromatic ness of my outfits. I'm aiming at sliding some colour in!
    Thank you so much for linking up to Celebrating Style Mary x

    1. Thank you, lovely Laurie.
      Funny story. I travelled in the coat. At LGW a lady came towards me and we spotted immediately that we were wearing the same coat. So we laughed as she walked past, then she turned back and we started chatting. Turns out it's on sale and she's bought the grey version too. And on that note, I'm off to check the website now ...
      You always seem to be in gorgeous colours, BTW.