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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Day of Drifting in Putty

Hi my dearies.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope Spring is bustin' out all over!
For those in the Southern Hemisphere, snuggle up and get hyggelige.
I recently wore yet another slouch cardi from Primark. 

 (Don't quite know what I was trying to achieve in the l/h shot, but I appear to have lost my arms!)

Well, they are verrrrrrrry comfortable.   Snuggly.  Hyggelige.
This one is in a nice neutral putty so with a print top and black jeans it made quite a pleasing outfit.  
I would remind readers not familiar with my work that my clothes are most definitely day to day outfits, mostly not new, and shown mostly in day to day contexts. 
After dressing - and, in case my osteopath ever readers this, after a most hearty breakfast - I drifted my context over here today, to Battle,
Battle Abbey
I gave you the sightseeing bit here.  Today, I just drifted.
I drifted past this shop window.  My stalwart readers will know I have a bit of a thing for mustard and grey, yellow and grey ... the colour mix just sings out to me.

The shops are ready for Easter.  I popped in here to pick up a few little treats for the grandkiddies.


It goes without saying, the buildings in the old town are cute and quirky.

I think this display was an invitation to treat, in the literal sense rather than the legal sense. 
These were singing "come rest your weary legs, old pensioner".

This would have been an OOTD ca. 1900.  How smart.  Hope you can see past the reflection.

 I drifted happily in my little putty outfit, then stopped for a coffee and to share a cheese scone with The Photographer.  Then home.  There was a marathon rugby fest on TV.  The things one does to keep a Photographer happy, eh.

A la perchoine.




  1. Yes my Mr Him shouts at the tv when rugby is on with a beer in hand. It's quite animalistic. I'd time my shopping with the rugby so you can enjoy your own quality time each.

    1. It's the ones who finish the game wearing pristine white shorts that I suspect. If I were captain/manager I would choose my team on the basis of their last game and the dirtiness of their shorts. Simples.

  2. Hello Mary! I've been checking in on your blog but haven't left a comment. I love your long "putty" cardigan :)
    Anyway, my hubby and I are coming to England!! London to be exact. We will be there to see all the sights the week leading up to Easter. I'm not sure where you live, but would love to connect over a cup of coffee!
    If this is of interest, you can email me :

    1. So excited to hear from you! I've missed you, Karen and thanks for your sweet words. I'll reply to you directly. XX.

  3. Nice to see you're out and about, Battle looks great will have to have a mouch around there one day,

    1. Great to hear from you, Tarquin, hope you get to visit Battle soon, it's perfect for a mooch.

  4. I think I was shouting at the rugby match too. Lovely read, thanks for sharing Mary. x Jacqui

    1. Well, I think if I went to a real live match like you did, I'd be shouting too, difficult not to be caught up in the atmosphere, eh.