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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Dressing The Pout Masterclass - 2. The Gilet

Hi dearies, I'm giving myself another Masterclass today. 
The smart-casual gilet.

Let's start with a grey Woolovers side-button cashmere/merino.  Yes, most of The Pout's roads lead to Woolovers!

I've noted that a fair few American bloggers (like the lovely Amy here)  layer for warmth with what they call vests - what we call gilets or waistcoats, or even sleeveless jackets!   Whatever the name, American ladies wear them so stylishly.  I use my gilets for hearty walking.  But Americans rock the look in a more smart casual direction.  So I wanted to try it out.
But I'm busty.  Top heavy.  So how is a thick layer of wadding around my big area going to work?

Well let's see.  I added my brown M&S down gilet and Next scarf.  I realised that this was not one of my better looks.

So why? Let's do a quick analysis.

1. I am busty, so a thick quilted boxy vest thingey is only going to puff out, Michelin-style, my Big Top area.  Or Balcony, as one lovely Canadian blogger puts it.
2. A boxy shape dangles from my protruding Balcony.  It's like I'm wearing a Mae West, but not in a "come up and see me sometime" sort of way!
3. I didn't follow the "thirds dressing rule" here, clearly a big misdemeanor.
And 4., the short length creates a square shape, which accentuates the squareness of my torso.

So a gilet is fine if I want just warmth without looking my best.

So ditch the gilet, it doesn't work for my chunky body.  Keep it for off-camera walks only! Let's start again, see what I need to do.

1.  Less bulky scarf (East).
2.  Thinner fabric.   The Cotton Traders navy quilted jacket provides warmth, but isn't puffed-up quilted.
3.  Add length. This jacket has a longer, rectangular line.   The line skims over the Balcony rather than hanging like a box-like.  

I think this look is more flattering, but still provides the same degree of warmth.  What do you think?

So, dear readers, I give you today's Master Class in dressing a busty lady for warmth.  A gilet is fantastic for a stateside smart casual look but if you're top heavy, the look is not photo-worthy!
Amy looks fabulous in hers.  I look Michelinesque!

 Are you a bit top heavy?  How do you work with it?
Do you camo it?  Or do you use it as an asset?!!

 Next time I'll address another problematic part of my body shape.  Oh, so much to choose from!

A la perchoine.


  1. Such a great post! Thanks for the reference. What you are describing has actually been my aversion to vests for years. I think I'm busty and top heavy as well. If I wear a vest, what I wear underneath is thin or light-weight. You could also invest in a thinner, less puffy vest. I own three vests: a super puffy one, a medium puffy one, and a very thin one. The thinnest one is the most slimming but obviously the puffier the warmer. I also thick the vest you're wearing is too short and that's what contributing to the Michelin look. I wonder if you bought a vest in a "Tall" size that would work better for your frame. But I do love both outfits. You look cozy warm in both. Interesting that you call a vest by another name on the other side of the pond. I've noticed that with other clothing items as well.

    1. Thank you for your helpful observations, Amy. Tall fitting and thin padding is definitely the way to go for me. You look fabulous in your white vest - a vest this side of the pond is underwear, a plain camisole kind of thing. Pants are underwear too over here!

  2. Dear PP. You are so right to ditch the gilet; it is just not flattering in any way. However, I do love the blue CT jacket combination. Very stylish in a casual way and perfect for spring walks 'to the country, la'!

    1. Thanks, Duchesse, so pleased I did the right thing. When I take my CT for walks I'll think of you, la!