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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Forget Clarks, It's Next That's Giving Me A Hard Time!

Well, if I thought Clarks were giving me a hard time here, will you just take a look at what Next has been doing to me!

I just happened to drift on to the Next website as you do and I was amazed at what Next has been doing on the shoe front.

Such statement colours.

Exotic prints.

Shiny shoes.

More practical (yet still stylish) boots.

Lovely heels.

And just plain cheekiness ...

Such temptation!

This is so unfair.  There are so many of these cheeky Next shoes that I am lusting after right now, yet I cannot warrant a splurge.  I am a pensioner.  I'm supposed to exercise parsimony.
I don't need to buy shoes every year, every season.

But how I am pining for a pair of racy reds.
A cheeky print.  A bold yellow. 
How these shoes would totally transform an outfit ...
My shoes are black, brown - nude is as outreach as I get.
I'm inspired to change this.

A la perchoine.


  1. I haven't bought Next shoes. They are looking stylish. A few Bloggers are rating Next currently on the clothes front. I do like their jeans and jeggings.

    1. Oh that's interesting, Anna, as I had found I've needed to be quite selective with Next in recent years as the quality and sizing had become unpredictable. Maybe I need to give them a go. I've never tried their shoes either but if a brand is making such a stylish .shoes, surely they've thought about comfort too eh? And I did drift to their shoes section via a blogger's article so ... it could be all happening with PP v. soon!

  2. Oh they all do look nice,but I usually find Next shoes are not wide enough for me (blessed bunions) !!

    1. Oh Polly, my feet have definitely got broader in recent years. I haven't tried Next before for shoes and it sounds like I'm not going to :-(. Never mind, pennies will be saved!

  3. I have so many shoes it is embarrassing to look in my cupboard, but would one more pair hurt - hmm?