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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Red and Black - Day 2

Oh, this themed dressing is such a doddle.  Day 2 and I'm loving it. 
I've identified colours for the week.  Red, black and bits of white/ivory.
I've identified the items that fit in with the scheme, may 6-8 items.
I've worked out some combos from those targeted items. Logged on a spreadsheet!
I've put them all in a section at the beginning of my wardrobe, for easy access. 
This took little time to plan.  Why oh why didn't I do this when I was working?  Mornings would have been so less stressful!

 Red and Black - Day 2 

I chose a bit of a 60s vibe today.  Red Principles skirt with Peacock black polo neck, Gabor boots.  East red wood necklace.

Do you remember the little pencil skirt and polo neck uniform from the 60s?  OK, my skirt would have been a bit shorter then.  But I am still feeling the vibe.

And it's January so I needed a neck layer.  Pretty scarf, huh?

I think this red, black and mustard scarf came from a French market.
I do like it.  I wear it often in winter.

I wrapped tightly around my neck, slung on my black puffa coat and went off grocery shopping. 
I needed to buy lots of vegetables, we had run dry during The Weeks of Cocoonedness.  I now need to make lots of healthy meals with an abundance of 5-a-day.
Into my trolley went fruit, veg, salad stuff, some dairy, bread, sausages,, some cleaning stuff and a few miscellaneous bits n bobs.  £40. 
I'm keeping an eye on how much is spent on food in 2017.  OK, I just started this today so I have no history yet, but that sounded good.  Very New Year's Resolution.
The canny Marlene from Simple Living suggests spending £10 per month on cleaning products.  I spent £1.75 and we're already a third into the month!  Oh, I think I am going to succeed!!!
I'm off to set myself up another spreadsheet to log this excellent work.  #excited!

And much later in the day, as dusk loomed, a walk around the ruettes.

Rockin' the Old Granny look!


A la perchoine.


  1. I love this look on you. My mum wore pencil skirts and polonecks and scarves. I've seen the pics :) You must store this one away as a repeat.

  2. Aw thanks Anna, maybe we should just stick to the looks we start off with in our youth, maybe that's what we're destined to wear. And I certainly don't mind keeping this as my uniform!