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Friday 29 May 2020

I Was On An Insta Break!

Hi my loveliest (and most discreet) of readers!

I’ve added discreet today as I have a bit of a confession to get off my chest. 

As you may know, I post on Instagram.  I like to use it document my days in pictures, which comes in handy when I have senior moments and need a memory refresh on something that I did last year, last month, yesterday!

But sometimes it can push my limits of creativity and last week was one such time when my creative juices needed to flow if I was going to keep up my neat little grid formation of - one OOTD/outfit, one non-outfit - picture formation. (What can I say, I like symmetry!).

You see, last week I was busy gardening, de-cluttering said garden, cooking, walking in strong sunlight or strongish winds.  Non of these things was conducive to good outfit posts. 
So I took an Insta OOTD break.  I cheated.  For the sake of symmetry, you understand. 

I posted pics of outfits I wore this time last year. 
And I think I got away with it, for no one seemed to comment on it ... or perhaps dared to!

Here are my cheats. 


One of my fave summer dresses, a yellow floral. 

Here I szjoojshed it up with duck egg tassel earrings (that colour IS in the floral print, trust me!)


I’d worn this outfit for a posh restaurant meal last summer. 
Aqua linen dress, embellished cashmere cardi, glitzy sandals. 

You know, I’m not really missing restaurant trips. 
They do say that do something for 30 days and it becomes habit.  Well, I’ve not been to a restaurant in 3 months - I think that habit may be well and truly embedded now.
What about you?  Are you missing and yearning for restaurant meals? Or maybe not so much?


Toile seems jouey print sun dress and cobalt blue cardi. 

And here I really pushed the limits of my daring. 
You see, this was taken in the pergola this time last year.
Then an August storm made mincemeat of the pergola - right now it is anything but as pretty as this. 
But did anyone pick up on that, I wonder?

Read about the pergola disaster 

I’d like to think I got away with my cheats.


So the wind has abated today but it looks like the gardening won’t ...

... so I have this pic on my Insta back burner.
You see that passion flower behind me?  We hacked that baby right down to the ground after The August Pergola Disaster of 2019.
Do you think anyone will pick up on that?
Can I carry on pushing my luck on Insta?

Dear reader, can we keep my Insta cheating our little secret, pleeeease - what happens on this blog STAYS on this blog, right?
For I was on an Insta BREAK!

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. They were all beautiful summer looks, but you did give the game away on IG by telling us when they were taken! xx

    1. Oh heck , I've just checked and you're right, I must have felt bad about it after initially sneaking in falsies! So it proves that I am an honest type after all, and that my memory's totally shot!!he
      Hugs, x.

  2. What lovely summer outfits, Mary. So fresh and pleasing to the eye!

    It's good to take a break from things; I'm a rare IG poster but I do follow it daily. It's also good to cheat now and then...

    I don't miss the restaurant meals; but I miss the sociability of eating a meal in a restaurant with no worries about the cooking or who'll do the washing up. It's a great occasion to get together with family and I have missed that.

    1. Thanks Vronni, and thanks for approving of my cheating!

      I miss the social side of eating out too but I'm drifting into home entertaining as we come out of lockdown in order to meet up with family. Heaven's knows, home entertaining and retro candlelit suppers might be making a comeback post-Coronavirus!! I'd better brace myself for the hard work ahead!
      Hugs, x.

  3. I like your dresses, florals are me too. I am hesitant to resume going to restaurants because the virus can be in the air, perhaps 3 hours or longer. I wonder when I will dare to go back as I like to meet friends and family and have lunch out.

    1. Ahh, another floral gal, so much prettier than garish graphic prints eh.
      I don't know where you live and how quickly you will be coming out of lockdown, but when you do try al fresco meet ups, we're told they're safer. That's what I'm doing with family right now.
      Hugs, x.