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Sunday, 4 September 2016

White T-Shirt and Jeans

So peeps, here's the thing.  The delightful Anna from Mutton Years Style
posted a white and denim challenge, the idea being to put together a white and denim outfit, maybe jazz it up a bit.  And post it on a blog if you have one.
It's not Anna's first challenge, she's also suggested "tarting up" (my words) garden/housework wear.
I accepted that challenge.  And the white and denim challenge too. 
So far, I haven't delivered on either.  I have an Anna Challenge backlog.

Now one of things I've been up to his week has been searching out the archives for photos of my lovely Son.  And in doing so I found a shot which I think meets one of the challenges perfectly.

White and Denim.  Job done!
My OOTD here was a day sometime in the summer of '79.  Jeans (Wranglers, I think), a white t-shirt (make unknown - hey, we're talking nearly 40 years ago, peeps!), and a pink velour V-neck (H&M or Magasin) thrown oh-so-sports-casually over the shoulders to complete the outfit.

I think this pic says a lot.  It says that this outfit stands the test of time. 
It's a proven classic combo.  White t-shirt and jeans.  Perhaps what Anna was getting at.
I could wear this outfit today.  In fact, I probably will - I have all the elements, similar to the originals, in my wardrobe.

It maybe also says that my wardrobe is perhaps stuck in a 70s time-warp ...

And whilst we're talking denim, here it is without the white. 
A denim pinafore dress.  Taken in the summer of '76. 
I know this because the dress is a maternity dress and the bump filling it, my lovely Son. 
Whose fantastic 40th birthday party I went to last night and on which
I will be reporting on tomorrow.

Dear Anna, I do hope that you feel that I have risen to the challenge.  I have worn a white top with denim and posted a shot of the OOTD.  Albeit, that "D" being nearly 40 years ago. 
I've even given you a little bonus of denim without the white (unless you count my untanned skin as the "white" bit!).

And as a footnote, I have just spotted that there is a spade resting against the wall in the top shot.
Could this outfit loosely be classed as gardenwear? 
I am standing in a garden.  Wearing clothes.  With a spade next to me.
Have I just satisfied both of Anna's challenges in one pic.
White and Denim and Gardenwear, 70s-style?
With just a pic from the archives?  Without even getting off my bottom?

So, peeps, fancy meeting either of Anna's challenges?  Or both?
And do you fancy thinking outside the box to meet those challenges?
Like I did?

A la perchoine.


  1. Great pictures and yes denim is timeless. It's been my uniform since the 70s. My challenge was also about getting us out of our own individual dressing ruts. A bit of inspiration for that day in the week we're scratching our heads wondering what to put on. Then you can say 'oh yes I'll use Anna's challenge as my inspiration.' I'll be posting another challenge mid week.

  2. Hi Anna, so I'm guessing I passed by identifying denim as timeless and sort of failed on the rut element by openly admitting to wanting recreate my 70s look. Oh dear, rather a Pyrrhic victory! But I'm hoping the spade help me through the other challenge!

  3. The link with the gardening clothes is valid too. A darn good example of why we shouldn't throw out our denim. It comes around again. I hope you get a chance to recreate this before winter hits us.

  4. Yes, I'll have to be quick so that the pink jumper is a draped accessory and not a necessity! And you're so right about holding on to denim, Anna.