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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

My Jade And Grey Dividend

Hi maties, thanks for dropping in.

I'm now in Sussex enjoying Phase 2 of my trip to the mainland (England).  I'm back in photos download world and busy downloading some pics of my trip to Devon for you but I thought I'd just fill in the gap whilst I do this with a little postcard from Sussex.

Let's talk about clothes. 
I'm doing really well with my 12-piece capsule travel wardrobe.  It's served me well so far.

Today's choice: my grey Peacock jeans, grey Next camisole, M&S jade cardi and snakeskin flatties.

Here topped with an M&S scarf in a mix of jade, dark and light grey and blue.
Now, I am loving this fresh, cheerful outfit.  During the selection process for my travel case in and-then-panic-deux, I discovered this combo.  I had never before thought to put the jade cardi with the light grey "column".  Duh springs to mind when writing this!  And I only discovered this gem combo because I tried on everything and played the mix n match game before making my final selection for packing.  The hidden dividend from my new approach to packing must surely be that undiscovered little combos can sometimes just jump out at you. 
Is this the dividend carrot what I need to discipline me to follow my new process next time I pack ,,,?

But back to Sussex and today's outfit.  I took it for a walk along the beach.  The water was very grey and a bit wild.  No surprise that swimmers were not around today.

Windy and a big drop in temperature but I'm facing the elements and putting on a brave face.

And forcing out a smile, just for you dear reader. 

So my reward for braving the elements today was to take myself off to M&S for a mooch around the autumn stock.  No purchases but I've come away with a few ideas lurking in this windswept fluffy head of mine.

A la perchoine.



  1. No shoes sale then ☺. Love the grey and turquoise. I can see the scarf picks up both colours. Well styled lady. Are you able to pick up emails?

    1. Hi Anna,
      unfortunately I saw no £9 shoes :-(.
      I'm pleased to hear you're liking the colour combo as much as me. Little things thrill me and this OOTD certainly has brought a smile to this old pensioner's face!
      Yes, we are back in the land of technological wizardry.

      Have a nice day, Anna and everyone - it's my wedding anniversary so champagne will be flowing later!!!

  2. Happy wedding anniversary to you, PP, and the lovely photographer! Love the turquoise on you!!

    1. Thank you, Duchesse. Just back from a lovely meal. So why am I here on the blog, you may well ask. Lonnnng story!