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Friday 9 September 2016

Chateau d'Apigne

I've been straying away from my blog's main raison d'etre this last week.  I'll tell you about what I've been up to in my next post which will also get me back on track, Pout-wise.

In the meantime, even though I'm aware of my back to back foodie posts, I thought I'd share a little of France with you today.
During our recent trip to France we enjoyed a few restful days at Chateau d'Apigne, before heading back home.  I reported on our arrival here, but without photos.   Consider that failing now remedied!

The Restaurant

Lunch in this elegant dining room was so perfect.

After the drive, on a very hot day, we were so relieved to be able to sit in this cool restaurant and enjoy a superb glass of chilled Pouilly Fume.

The restaurant staff were pretty superb too.
I always think it important that bread is offered when wine is served, and these guys did not disappoint.

We were then given an amuse bouche of quails eggs, salmon tartare and cold tomato soup.

Perfectly cooked crayfish with a pea shoot coulis, if my memory serves me correctly.

 Lobster, again seriously cooked to perfection.

A pre-dessert palate cleanser.  Something with white chocolate.

Creamed rice served in a dark chocolate shape and with raspberry coulis.

And finally, coffee

and restaurant chocolates of the day.

The restaurant staff are professional, knowledgeable, flexible and friendly, making dining a wonderful experience.  The brilliant and charming chef talked at length with us about the dishes after the meal.

The restaurant is closed Sunday evening and all of Monday.  We just about sneaked under the bar to enjoy lunch in the crowded restaurant see my tale here.

The Room Service Menu

When the restaurant is closed, a restaurant-standard room service menu is available.  The arrangement in the hotel is that the duty-receptionist also serves breakfast and any room service meals.  The receptionists seem to love this arrangement as they learn about food as well as the usual hotel side of being a receptionist.

The chef prepares room service food in advance.  The duty receptionist is taught how to warm through and serve the dishes.  Our duty receptionist this visit was Alexei.

The courses were served separately and superbly in our room by the so-accommodating and utterly charming Alexei, together with a delightful dry white wine whose name I didn't make note of.

Our starters were ...

Thai coconut milk soup with prawns and noodles.

Galette filled with smoked salmon and a taste-bud-exploding leek puree.

Our mains ...

Poached chicken with red peppers, onions and tomatoes.

Brandade of cod recipe here.  How can something with a few simple ingredients taste so bloomin' good?

Pudd ...

Then later, after a walk around the grounds, we shared a cheese platter and finished off our wine.

Fabulous food at Chateau d'Apigne. And a fabulous stay.
Thank you, Alexei and the team.  We'll be back!

I wanted to share this with you just in case you're ever in the neighbourhood, because I'm sure you'll love your visit too.

A la perchoine.


  1. You did this on purpose didn't you! ! The French know how to do cuisine 😀

  2. Please don't think I am out to sabotage your good work, Anna! But this place really gets it right, every time.

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    2. No, don't know how to. I'm not very savvy!

    3. On the news feed of IG there's a tray in top right of the page. That's where my message will be.