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Monday 26 September 2016

Chateau de la Goujonnerie

Readers of a dieting disposition will be relieved to hear that in the following piece I post no food pics to taunt, other than my photos being a feast for your eyes!
Taadaaah ...  I give you my calorie-free post.

During a recent trip to France, we were delighted to stay for a few days at
Chateau de la Goujonnerie (briefly posted on here).

The Chateau was purchased in an extremely dilapidated state in 2006 by three guys who've been together in business for many years.  They had set up what became an extremely successful restaurant and bar in London fittingly named called Les Trois Garcons.

 They have also run successful antiques, furniture design and interior design businesses.  And you can understand why when you visit the renovated Chateau.  This place oozes style, good taste and individuality ... with touches of humour thrown in for good measure.

The three guys have worked wonders, creating a comfortable yet quirky home.  And that leads me to a heads up - the entrance can be a challenge to find as the Chateau is not signposted because it is classed as a private home (oh, how I wish my private home looked like this!).

(Oops, tree shadow, sorry!)

We were greeted by the extremely affable Stefan Karlson, wearing a loose blue shirt, shorts and a straw hat (the day was very hot) which instantly breaks down any barrier between owner and guest.  "This is going to be a good experience" I thought as I instantly took to him.
He is Swedish and is one third of the trio.  He oozes bonhommie and creates such a wonderful and relaxed welcome for his guests.

He arranged aperos in the evening so that the guests could meet up and get to know each other over drinks.  So it feels like you are at a house party in someone's extremely stylish country pile.  (Like I am familiar with that sort of lifestyle!).
Staying here is a thoroughly wonderful experience.

The charming Stefan was hosting and managing the place whilst we were there along with two delightful English ladies who have both lived in the area with their families for many years.

Stefan wasn't around when I was taking photos but let me introduce you to


And Sheila.

Stefan and the lovely ladies effortlessly nailed the smart casual look.  And the lack of "hotel" uniforms is yet another way of making guests feel like they are spending the weekend with friends.  Clever, huh?
Stefan, Julie and Sheila made our stay a wonderfully pleasant and amazing experience.

Now, enough from the rambling Pout.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Prepare for your eye feast!

Guests enjoy a super-choice breakfast at this refectory table, country-house-weekend style - it creates a relaxed and friendly experience.

Yes.  Really!  I did say the place is quirky.

There are many lovely places to sit and read, have a coffee or a drink ... don't fret, the elephant's head is just pretend.

BTW, I'm dotted around the pics to give you an idea of the a scale of the décor and ephemera.

Me guarding the gold doors to the loos!

Chess anyone?  
I guess in a massive Chateau you certainly have the space for Big Everything.  This chess board alone would fill my cottage lounge!

The drive to the Chateau is lit up with stars at night.

Before checking out, and after another of their splendid breakfasts, we were invited on a tour of the Chateau.

The Versailles-style mirrored dining room ... a-ma-zing!

The Chateau can be hired out privately for functions, weddings etc.  Is perhaps this smiling Photographer forming a plan to renew our wedding vows here next year? :-).

There are several reception rooms, each in a different style but all laid out with the same degree of panache and quirkiness.

Taxidermy runs throughout the Chateau as a predominant theme.  It's one of the guys' specialist areas.

A giant gilded insect sits nonchalantly in a hallway.  Why wouldn't it?!

We were able to look around a few of the unoccupied bedroom suites.

Can you tell that I adored this old stone staircase?!

Even the shower rooms leverage on the beauty of the Chateau's old stone.

Lots of natural light streams throughout the property.

We were staying in the adjoining stables.

Our stylish bedroom

which had a beautiful view through to the pretty grounds.

Reservations for the Chateau can be made through here. 

And if I haven't sold the place to you already, the Chateau is near to a wondrous place called Puy du Fou and is a convenient stay if you're proposing to visit the  attraction.

At the entrance to our quarters.

We absolutely loved our stay here.  It's such a special place so I was really excited to share it with you today.  If you are in the area, please do check in to the Chateau - you'll love the experience too and you can tell me all about it!

 And now, I bid you adieu, dear reader, or hopefully,

a la perchoine.


  1. Goodness, you live the life don't you. Lifestyle envy has struck me.

    1. Hi Anna,
      It was so wonderful feeling like a house guest in a fabulous house for a few days. This glamorous chateau just blew us away.

  2. Hi Mary! This chateau is breathtaking. I can't get over that is somewhere that you can actually stay. Such beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing with us non-royals!

    1. It was indeed an amazing place to stay, Karen. I couldn't wait to share photos with you all. And because it is a home, so much thought has been put into its restoration.