Remember ...

If not now, when?

Monday 19 September 2016

... and then panic, deux - #travelpacking,nailled!

Did I learn from this experience here? Apparently not.
I believe that in retirement, one loses the concept of time.
For a few days ago, I was on the phone to a friend and I happened to nonchalantly mention to her that I was going away at the end of the month, like it was ages away . 
"When?" she asked. Told her. "Oh, so next week, then".

Whaaaat?  Cripes, she's right. September's charging along at lightening pace and I do indeed depart next week.  Just like the lady said.  History repeats itself. #doIneverlearn?

I have to admit I did experience a tinsy panic when I got off the phone.  Packing.  And my fear of it.  
But instead of my usual hours-before packing (maybe setting myself up for stress and failure) I think I have approached this trip's packing with serenity, dignity and logic, dear reader.  For I've started the packing process days in advance and with method, with a system!  #eureka

Travel Packing, New Pout Style - The Systematic Approach

1. Weather.  Check forecast.  Gives no rain but about 3-4 degrees colder than here.
2.  Itinerary.  Ascertain what we will be doing.
Family days and sightseeing in Devon, including birthday meal.  Visit to Dartmoor but no moor treks, obviating the need for walking boots, woollies and a lined waterproof jacket.
... oh and probably cream teas!  Sussex, family stuff, "business meeting" (more on that in a later post!
3.  Outfits.  Identify suitable items for interchangeable outfits.
4.  Test drive.  Try on items selected.  This is key and an entirely new approach to my packing process.  Gives me faith in what I've packed, thus alleviating packing stress and last minute switches.
5.  Prepare. Wash and iron identified pieces, as required.
6.  Pack.  Use best method to ensure items come out of suitcase in wearable condition. Keep case light for schlepping around train stations.

Process followed.  I am thrilled to report that I achieved up to step 5 on Sunday morning.  A couple of items that needed washing and they are queued up for ironing.  Days before travelling.  #nailledit!

I am maybe a tad smug right now.  For with my new approach, and having tried on the items and mixed and matched a little, I think I have selected a pretty spot-on little capsule.  #excited.
And here's what's going on hols with me.

Black skinnies, Jade cardi and scarf, M&S.  Cream blouse, Next.

Woolovers black v neck tunic jumper, M&S black puffa jacket.

Grey longline cardi, vest, Woolovers.  Black modal top, Next.  Scarf, Primark.

M&S Limited Collection modal vest, shown with scarf and Jade/silver necklace.

Black loose tunic top, Dotty P.  Peacocks grey jeans, Next grey camisole.

M&S snakeskin print shoes, little black crossover bag. Tula.

Gabor nubuck bootees are still in winter archive box but pics all over blog incl. here.
So that's 12 items, 2 scarves, jewellery and 2 pieces of footwear. This can keep me going for ages.
I'll be wearing the heavier items for travelling.  The suitcase items are light, as is my little carry-on.  It's an Aerolite Super Lightweight and weighs 1.3kgs.  It's fab.  similar here.

I'm feeling much more relaxed with this systematic approach.  Packing, done.  My job, she is a good'un.  I think I just may have just cracked this packing malarkey and cured my fear! #relieved.

Now what about you, dear reader?  It's over to you!
Do you have any tips for me on suitcase capsules? Any items that have worked miracles on holiday?
Do you think I've packed too much?  Anything you'd ditch?
And what about the packing itself. Are you a folder, a roller, a layerer?
Or do you have your own unique method of packing?
I'd love to hear from you.

A la perchoine.


  1. Feeling the weather today, long sleeved tshirts, umbrella. Average temp around 19 day 15 evening probably.

    1. Oh dear, autumn is here then :-(. I always feel the cooler temperature when I step off the plane. Bbrrr. Hence the puffa.

  2. Oh my heavens! Great minds think alike? We both published traveling capsule wardrobes this week. And, I think you also aren't going to far from home? Thank you for leaving a comment on my post so I could find your blog-Have a fun trip!

    1. Oh yes, hadn't seen the spookiness of that! Thanks for your comment, Terri. My trip is similar to yours but more air/train trip than road trip. Living on a small island makes road trips very short!