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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Stroll Along The Seafront

Recently we visited a new restaurant on the island.  More on that in another post, dear reader.
Because today, I'd like to do things back to front.  Here are some random shots I took during the pleasant little stroll after the meal, from the restaurant to the town's taxi rank, on a warm September evening.
And before that, the really important stuff.  What I wore!

White crops, Dotty P flowery top, Pink River Island jacket, Clarks nude sandals.
I had wanted to wear a dress but I guessed we'd be walking a bit and a dress didn't feel right.

And neither did this.  I wasn't happy with my choice. 
Maybe it's because I ignored the "thirds" rule of dressing :-).

Or maybe it's just because I'm fat!  And chose badly.
But it was summery, I'll give it that. However, The Photographer's worst fear - I wanted to do a complete outfit change  a couple of minutes before taxi pick-up. 
That's how bad I felt about it. And The Photographer was not amused.

Outfit dissatisfaction aside, on to the stroll, with few words as hopefully the pics will say it all.  Sorry about the quality, flat camera battery mishap so my trusty iPhone stepped up to the plate.

We passed a construction site.  This was previously an old brewery.  It will be seafront apartments.

The apartments will look out on Castle Cornet and Havelet Bay.
We (I) talked about what Town apartment living might be like for us Pensioners. 
Pretty nice, I opined, and with no gardening!!!

The view into Town.  It was dusk.  The views will be much better.  I promise!

And this will be the (our) local. Octopus, a super new seafood restaurant. Just across the road. 

It was Last Night at the Proms.  People had turned out to listen to the island's orchestra, al fresco.

A familiar old haunt!  Here's a statue of the Swiss King Othon who visited the island, back in the day when men dressed like that.

Diners spilling out on to the pavement.

A shoe on a dustbin.  Really.

A visitors' marina.

A glimpse of Jethou island through the lock

Along the "prom".

We passed some nice seafront eating spots.

This one's my fave for special occasions.  Le Nautique.  Just putting the idea out there ...

The Boathouse, a fave for casual dining.

The Boathouse's back terrace (the tide was out).

A fuzzy Photographer walking passed the old States building.  We now have a giant monstrosity on the outskirts of Town, from which the island is governed.  We call it Custard Castle.  It's that sort of building, that sort of respect for it.

And here's the last little harbour before we stepped into our taxi.

I hope you enjoyed your dusk-time stroll along the Town seafront with me, peeps.

A la perchoine.


  1. I had to look up rule of thirds. Interesting. A belt or a long cardigan instead of the jacket the rule suggests. Well you live and learn. I have today. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anna, I'm so pleased to have spread the word! But I have to admit I don't totally understand it myself, as maybe evidenced by my outfit choice. However, a corpulent body will ruin any outfit and that is why I have so many of those taxi's-waiting last minute wardrobe changes.