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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tea Anyone?

Hi peeps, thanks for popping in.  Now, do you fancy a cup of tea?
Well I don't drink the stuff myself but I did fancy a coffee with my tea (not an oxymoron, reference being to the meal and not the beverage, for those readers unfamiliar with our British ways).
We met up with Son and family for some catching up over a civilised Afternoon Tea.

We heard all about Son and DIL's recent trip to Sorrento.

They also visited Positano (here) and Amalfi.  All absolutely picture-perfect.  His holiday snaps are a-mazing.

So, afternoon tea.

It was a glorious day so I chose this dress.

 My Dotty P navy Bardot dress and dolled it up a bit with turquoise jewellery.

Haven't done navy and turquoise before but I really liked it, the colour combo was a bit, well sort of Med, which suited the Sorrento back-story and the scorching sun. 
I draped a Next navy linen mix cardi over my shoulders, but it was so not needed.  It really was el scorchio out by the pool at The Farmhouse.

 Image result for The Farmhouse Guernsey images

The GKs enjoyed a lot of swimming and frolicking around in the pool, working up a ravenous appetite for tea.  I merely sat myself down on a comfy poolside chair and watched - no appetite-inducing exercise required for this old body!

Platters of elegant sandwiches, cakes and mountainous scones were served.

Coffee.  And a Guernsey cream scone.  Yummy. 
Or as Rick Stein insists on saying, "Yummo", like he thinks it will catch on and he's going to start a trend.  So, that's yummy to the scones, then.

At some stage my camera was hi-jacked by that little blurred finger you see on the left.

Evidence of the jungle trek my little camera was taken on.  The Hijacker is showing great signs of being interested in nature and wildlife so it didn't surprise me that this is the kind of photo he sneaked off to take.

I ran around in the grounds playing Marco Polo (blind man's buff with audio help) with the GKs then later, we were shown amazing shots of the holiday back home.

What a lovely day.

A la perchoine.


  1. oh you look stunning in this combo. i love turquoise and navy and also royal blue. so pretty! glad you had a lovely time and glad you got the memo bc you look fab. xoxo

  2. Oh Janet, lovely comments like yours make it all worthwhile! Thank you so much

  3. Oh Janet, lovely comments like yours make it all worthwhile! Thank you so much

  4. You looked gorgeous. What a mean son unless he thought he was giving you an excuse to dress up. I so want a scone and cream. Oh dear.

    1. Oh thanks so much, I was thankful for the opportunity to scrub up for him, he knew he was giving me a message I wanted to hear!
      Sorry to be taunting you with food ... and there's more on the way.

  5. Me too- wanting a scone and cream! No chance I'm on a diet! You look fab in your dress - very elegant. Jacqui

    1. When thanks, Jacqui. I realise that I've been a bit cruel to people on diets of late! Sorry, mates.

  6. Mary you look just beautiful in this dress. I would always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed. That guernsey cream scone does look yummy or yummo if we are going to be on trend!

    1. You are so sweet, Karen, thank you. Guernsey cream really is the best, it's a light yellow because the milk is so rich!

  7. Just for clarity there was no memo, I didn't say it was dress up and it seems a little bit rude commenting about people wearing shorts!

    1. Apologies if I didn't quite succeed in getting messages and my love of shorts across in the piece. I'm a newbie to writing! I've re-written it.