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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Countdown To A Burger

I recently met up with girlfriends at my local, The Rockie.  Eventually.

I wanted to wear something casual but summery as it was a simply lovely evening.  Really warm.

This fitted the bill.  An old fave, a Monsoon multi-coloured silk print top over white camisole and white jeans.  I chose some sequined sandals picked up at an airport shop on the way to a holiday goodness knows where,  Somewhere warm and sunny, obviously, and so many years ago that even this pouting elephant can't remember when!

The Photographer drove me to the agreed meeting spot at the agreed time.  18.30, on the dot.
He always makes sure of that.

I was shown to our table.  I was the first there. 
I ordered water and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Then waited.

I talked to the friendly waitress.
Still no sign of my friends.

I checked my phone.  No messages.  So, phone out, I took a shot of the view from the table.

What else can I do?  I started taking selfies.  I thought this one was particularly arty.

A bit bright out there.

I remembered I had my pocket camera in my bag.  Yipeee!  Two cameras to amuse me.
Maybe a proper camera can handle the blinding sun backdrop.
Armed with my two-camera arsenal, I am now trying to give the impression that I'm there for a serious photographic project.

I took a shot of the view.

And a shot of the outside diners enjoying a beer or a wine in the evening sun.
With their friends.  Where are mine?

So I took a shot of my water bottle.  Must drink some of that stuff.  Life isn't all wine, eh?
Seats still empty in front of me.  Bit bored now.

OK, now quite bored so I tried more selfies as the sun was shifting along a bit.
As it does during a half-hour time span.

And now I'm completely bored, peeps.  100% bored.  And looking it!
I do hope nobody's watching me - for I appear to be a lone diner looking to my camera for company.
To the onlooker, it looks like my camera is my new bestie.

Oh, I can no longer hide behind that serious photographic project ruse.  I've lost the will.

It's official, I'm now more than completely bored. 
I can't even be bothered to look at the camera for my selfies.

Let's look at the diners again.  Yes, now registering 18.59 on the camera clock.

Shortly after my friends arrived.  With apologies.  The selfies stopped.

And the burger arrived!  19.36.

This post is dedicated to my dear Dutch friend, who I once kept waiting for half an hour in a restaurant.

Are you the punctual sort?
What do you do when you are kept waiting?
Do you turn to your camera for friendship?!

A la perchoine.


  1. At least your friends turned up. I had lunch on my own and IGd and tweeted looking very sad. I hope you had a good evening in the end and may your friends not read your blog:)

    1. BTW, I'm sure there's some coral in all that multicolour.

    2. Clever use of the picture behind you for the accent pop of coral. ok red but I admire your creativity 😀

  2. Anna, I'm sure your followers benefited from your being stood up. And IG-ing and tweeting too. Oh that I could do those things. I must be the only person on IG who can't find her in-tray!
    Yes, when I take food shots "for my blog" I live in fear that I will be asked to write down my blog address as I usually escape with "oh I'll give it to you later".

  3. There's a little tray top right of your IG home page. not your profile page but where you see the pictures of well me for instance:). click on the icon and you should see a message from me.