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Friday 1 April 2016

Le Breton and Le Walk

When does a stripey top cross the line and become a Breton?  I'm guessing it must all be in the depth of the stripes.   If you know the answer, please help me out!

My last day of the holiday wearing a stripey Primark top, Next Slim Jeans and giving my new M&S wedge sandals a trial, bought here
Ok, maybe they don't totally go wth the outfit but I wanted to give them a go.  The first photo is my attempt at "stylishly" showcasing them.  Yeah, right!

The shoes are comfy.  They will be so versatile and will probably fit in with most stuff I wear during the summer.  So can't wait.

So.  Heels.  My heads been all over the place on heels in recent years.  Near to retirement I had this idea that after a lifetime swanning around on spiky heels, I could no longer walk on them.  I felt I tottered. Like Dick Emery in heels.  And for those of you who remember his "You are awful ..." sketches, you will understand that this would not be a good look!

At the same time, I bought a lovely pair of high wedge sandals.  Bad timing, I never wore them as I feared looking silly.  Emery-like. 
So for a few years, I wore something between heels and flats (total flats hurt my arches).

Well, turns out the tottering was all in my mind.  For about a year ago I had an "If Not Now, When?" moment.  I tried on these never-worn wedges.  And, Wham!  I could walk in them.  Elegantly.  
They became my go-to smart shoe.  They instantly transform my walk.  I move from Pensioner to The Pout when I wear them.  So Never Say Never !!!

This is the only shot of these wedges that I can find quickly. 
No side view but believe me, they are high.  For me.

Adesso taupe wedge sandals, made in Italy and from Celaro, Guernsey.
Floral cardi (old) from La Redoute.
Ivory linen dress from M&S, about 15 years old.  Oh has this dress seen some action!  Worn every summer.  Tons.  It's the perfect little summer dress, for me at least. Versatile.   
If I had the where-with-all to calculate PPW (price per wear), it would be a farthing.

A la perchoine.

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