Remember ...

If not now, when?

Sunday 10 April 2016

And The Tide Is Low

Ready to run some errands in town.

Woolovers silk/cotton Breton top, Peacocks jeans and M&S snakeskin flatties.

With my H&M denim shirt and a rare sight, a handbag! 
It's from Jones, and is a summer fave of mine.  As you see, it folds in on itself, yet is capacious enough to hold a summer pashmina. Pretty yet useful.

And look who we bumped into? 
My "old" friend from dressing-to-stand-test-of-time!

Looking warm and watertight in a Barbour jacket and Fly boots.

And me keeping dry in a waterproof jacket bought many years ago, in Dinan, France, on a cold, wet day ... in June.
It was wet and cold this morning too.

So we were ready to dry out and warm up at dix-neuf

Oh joy, when we spotted crab sarnies on the menu, what could we do ...

... but enjoy the moment.

Later the rain blew away.  
Time for a beach walk at Grandes Rocques.

Much vraic left by yesterday's high tide.

Some were digging for razor fish at low water.

Now, The Tide is Low.  But who pulled the plug out?

Wishing you a sunny Sunday.
A La perchoine.