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Tuesday 26 April 2016

My Spring Break

Hi dearies, it's me, reporting in after a wonderful family holiday with Son's family and his MIL. 
We holidayed  at Center Parcs in Longleat Forest in Wiltshire.
It was our first time on one of these family activity holidays. 
It did not disappoint.  It was A M A Z I N G.

It's set in a peaceful mainly pine forest.  The centre is so well-organised and the staff are uber friendly, helpful, courteous and good at what they do. And they all look so happy as they go about their duties.. You see smiling cleaners cruising between jobs on bikes equipped with baskets for the cleaning stuff.

What a happy place, to visit and to work in!

There were activities for every age and every level of fitness.
The water activities were such fun.  I loved splashing around with the grandkiddies.

We went boating with the grandkiddies.

 But we didn't try this!

There was a good selection of restaurants to eat in.  And some naughtiness to enjoy ... Daim bar cake! Can it get any better?

The self-catering accomodation was very good, so well-equipped and comfortable.  The lodges were dotted around the forest, not grouped together, so you felt like you had your own secluded space.  And though the centre was chocka and the Plaza and activity areas were busy, " at home" if felt so quiet and peaceful..

Making a much-needed coffee on arrival after our 5 hour drive.

All in all, it was a great experience and a wonderful family holiday.  We all had such a good time. 
I hope I behaved myself well enough to be invited on another family holiday very soon!

The trip started with Next slim jeans, "Primani" stripey top and M&S scarf and boots.

With my old faithful travel companion, the small Tula shoulder bag.

 And I soon changed into waterproofs and thicker layers, like this M&S fisherman's sweater.  Because it got very cold.  Definitely dressing for warm and not style!

The weather was bitterly cold and when the drizzle stopped after Day 1, the sun shone but the air just got colder and colder.  And cold it has remained since we got back.  So much so that I've just looked out my the window and it's snowing
OK just a light shower, but it's still snow in April.  Springtime!  Weather this winter has been all over the place.   It has been milder than normal but very wet and very windy.  And now we are having temperatures colder than we've had all season.

But, enough of the weather.  Because, look at the drama we had at the end of the holiday.

The car broke down!
The AA were fantastic. Our drama was ameliorated by their smooth, slick service and their friendly staff.
We enjoyed the trip back from Wiltshire to Sussex in the front of the van.  What an adventure!  And once the car was dropped off at the local garage, our bags were loaded into the van and we were dropped off home. 
Pretty good service, eh?  Door to door.

And now my dearies, I'm leaving you and my turret.  I'm off to warm my hands around a cup of hot coffee!

Have you been on a Center Parcs holiday?
Are you enjoying spring weather where you are?
Or is the weather all over the place where you are too?

A la perchoine.

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