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Friday 29 April 2016

The Perfect Spring Jacket - The Hunt Is On!

Yes, indeedy, the hunt is on for The Perfect Spring Jacket. 
But I don't know if it exists.

Actually, I don't believe my needs can be fulfilled in one jacket alone.  I need a casual utility style with lots of pockets and a smarter jacket that looks equally good with jeans and summer dresses.  Also useful would be a patterned, lighter drapey sort of wrap-ey thing that can be rolled up and shoved in a bag.

So, it seems like I've identified my needs.
But being a buxom lass I have to be careful with jackets to avoid that dreaded sergeant major look.  That means steering clear of masculine-style jackets.  And boxy jackets aren't good for my body shape either, in them I look ... errr, a box-like!
Softer, drapey jackets hang better on a larger lady but are limiting.

This is what I've tracked down so far.

At the smarter end ...

I love this M&S jacket but its sold out so I need to source something similar.

An HM pink jacket might work well, but I have something similar from River Island so that's on back burner.

Straddling smart and casual ...

This  H&M jacket straddles, so is the sensible option if I'm going for just the one jacket.

More casual ...

These from H&M look like they'd work well with jeans and chinos.

And casual ...

Now, a practical Next utility jacket is probably what I would wear most, through summer and the shoulder months. 

And as my Sleeper has had so much use, maybe this Next shirt-style utility jacket would work for the life I lead.
I love the look with that skirt, but oh! - my knees would look awful in this length :-(.

More from Next.  Shorts? You did see what a panic I just got in above at just the thought of exposing my knees!!!  My legs were last paired with denim shorts in Greece, 1971 ...
The warmer jacket is just what I needed these past few cold Spring days!


I have something similar to this, from Cotton Traders.  It's on the masculine side of jackets so doesn't quite work for my body shape.

So, let's recap, what have I achieved so far?

Needs assessment. Done.
Research. Done.
Analysis.  Done.
Puchases.  TBD.

TBD.  Hmmmm.  Decision time.  But, I am a procrastinator and during my hunt I have noted that things are selling out.  Fast.
I need to move, con prisa!
So if you can help me make some quick decisions, I'll be a happy bunny.

A la perchoine. 


  1. My vote goes to...Next shirt-style utility jacket and the Cotton Traders jacket of which you say you may already have one somewhere. If have always liked a light-weight quilted summer jacket which come in many colours these days and which are very versatile. Good luck with your 'hunt'!

  2. Hi Duchesse, thanks for stopping by and for helping me in the decision process.
    Pink shirt jacket has been sitting in my basket all morning ... thanks to your push I'm now going to press the checkout button!
    What fun. This is like going virtual shopping with a girlfriend!
    And I'll give my old CT jacket another chance!
    Thanks for your advice.