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Sunday 17 April 2016

I Get A Date Night!

I was surprised by a Friday Date Night.
And after a morning of golf in the rain, I felt I deserved one! 
The rain stopped, the day got better but by late afternoon, it had got quite chilly.  Days can be so changeable this time of year.
So, as we were mostly walking to our date, I switched from summery to old faithfuls for warmth.  With hair constrained for the walk.   And a puffa!

My faithfuls of choice were Per Una black jeggings, Marks cardi, Next animal print top.  I chose my good-for-walking Gabor heeled bootees.  Cleaned!  But me and Nubuck are not a good partnership.  They are little tykes to clean!

The Photographer doesn't like Chinese food so it was even more of a surprise to hear that he'd booked a table at the China Red, which had been highly recommended to him.
Highly = Son!
It did not disappoint.

The prawn toasts were the best I've had, with a succulent and generous filling.  Mmmnn.

I especially liked the chow mein of the next course.

The Photographer's view?  Superb food, no MSG.  He'll be back! (I'm v. happy with that!)

And because of golf disrupting meal times, we chose an early sitting ... we were home by 6.55 pm!  That's a record.

Earlier in the sunny part of the day, I'd walked around The Estate and spotted this little clump of bluebells, new on the block.

To compensate for a (v.early!) evening of indulgence, the next day was a virtuous one. 

We enjoyed a hearty walk around the lanes.

A nice mix of bluebells, violets and celandines coming through here.

There is so much wild garlic out at the moment.  Here's just one of the numerous vast swathes of wild garlic  ... or Stinking Onions, as we called them as children!

And we made a HUGE bowl of fruit salad.  We were truly virtuous.  Well, apart from the lashings of cream poured on that bowl of virtue ...

Do you like Chinese food?
Do you have a fave dish or restaurant?

A la perchoine.

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